Modular convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system for brine management

An energy efficient modular convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system and control algorithm for brine management

Electrical-field bidirectional switching of full MTJs

A full MTJ stack device with bidirectional magnetization switching purely through an electric field

SHE-CRAM: Computational Random Access Memory (CRAM) based on Spin Hall Effect

Spintronics-based memory array system that performs true in-memory computational operations. The novel spin Hall effect (SHE) technology is used to implement a new CRAM computer architecture (SHE-CRAM) that is capable of inter-raw communication

Efficient graphene acoustic plasmon resonator

A graphene-based device for ultrasensitive infrared spectroscopy and sensing

Just One Thing (JOT): custom care plans for people with cognitive challenges

A simple, customizable clinical care guide and worksheet to promote at-home therapy for people with cognitive challenges and their caregivers.

1 licensing option
Sugar-secreting green microalga

A microalgae strain that secretes simple sugars in conditions favorable for co-culture schemes and fermentation processes.

Assisted machine learning architecture

A disruptive machine learning architecture invented for privacy-sensitive entities to collaborate with each other without sacrificing the quality of gained intelligence.

Airless tire with improved performance

A non-pneumatic tire using topological polarization and protection to improve asperity accommodation and tire durability.

Non-toxic plastics containing salicylates

Sustainable polymers containing salicylic acid moieties and a method for their synthesis, enabling enhanced hydrolytic degradability that can promote biodegradability while maintaining important material properties.

Cryopreservation method for millimeter scale biological samples using Cryomesh

A cryopreservation method that uses cryomesh and cryopreservation agents to preserve Drosophila embryos.

Multi-faceted glue for long-term survival of osseointegrated prosthetic devices

A multi-functional photopolymerizable glue that enhances the physical and biological adhesion between soft skin and a metal prosthetic device.

Combined ammonia recuperation and NOX reduction for increased efficiency in combustion engines

A reactor that combines selective catalytic reduction and thermochemical recuperation together to simultaneously decompose ammonia and convert unburned ammonia and NOX emissions

A counter based in-situ non-linearity measurement circuit in analog-to-digital converters

A novel light-weight measurement circuit to characterize non-linearity in analog-to-digital converters.

AI-enabled support tool for COVID-19 diagnosis using chest x-rays

A deep learning model for screening COVID-19 patients using chest x-rays with >98% accuracy.

Network curvature as a hallmark of brain structural connectivity

A novel method to quantify robustness for brain networks against damage caused by lesions, traumatic brain injury, or aging.

Risk-free in situ non animal (RISNA) surrogate assay for African swine fever virus

A method of using a surrogate virus to confirm inactivation of African Swine Fever Virus(ASFV)

Rapid infuser purge valve

A one-way purge valve that allows for quick removal of air from IV fluid bags with a single spike.

Network Neuromodulation

A closed-loop deep brain stimulation device that exploits new mechanisms of action to control brain networks

Algorithm to improve left ventricular assist device implantation

An image processing algorithm to determine ideal, patient-specific location parameters for LVAD implantation.

3D printed microfluidic devices

An extrusion-based 3D-printing method to create enclosed microfluidic channels on freeform surfaces.

Semi-solid polymer drug delivery system

A polymer-based material that is semi-solid material at room and physiological temperatures enabling easy formulation of drugs (e.g. by simple mixing) and delivery (e.g. topical cream).

Accelerating MRI data acquisition with segmented 2D pulses

A method for accelerating MRI data acquisition with segmented 2D pulses using virtual coils.

Non-Cartesian k-space reconstruction to improve acquisition efficiency

A non‐Cartesian k‐space reconstruction method using self-calibrated, region‐specific interpolation kernels for highly accelerated acquisitions in MRI.

MRI RF coil for improved field efficiency and image quality

A novel RF coil design with high dielectric constant materials to improve B1+ efficiency in MRI systems.

A hybrid machine learning-based magnetic resonance image reconstruction

A machine learning-based magnetic resonance image reconstruction algorithm that combines the benefits of both linear GRAPPA and nonlinear RAKI methods.

High gyrotropy sputtered garnet for photonic isolators

A design and method to fabricate high-gyrotropic optical isolators directly on Si and other common substrates, without using seed layers. This foundry-friendly technology enables creation of smaller, high performance components.

Automated freeway queue warning system

A system for estimating crash-probabilities for automated freeway warning systems.

Assay for detecting misfolded proteins

A simple, onsite diagnostic assay for detecting misfolded proteins using nanoparticles.

Low-energy platinum coatings

A method for low temperature thin-film deposition of high melting point metals, like Pt, and their oxides.

Observability constrained vision-aided inertial navigation (OC-VINS)

Novel techniques for eliminating estimator inconsistency in vision-aided inertial navigation systems.

Urinary Catheter Stabilization Device

A urinary catheter support device that prevents penile erosion arising from the use of indwelling catheters.

Vehicle-weight based automated passenger counter

A system and method for estimating the number of passengers on a mass transit vehicle.

Rapid microbial diagnostics

A method for rapid detection of microorganisms using chemiluminescence.

Autonomous, high accuracy classification of cancer in tissue samples

A machine learning-based algorithm for cancer detection and classification.

PhysiAware - continuous monitoring of physiological signals

An app for continuous monitoring of physiological signals from sensors worn by patients.

Quantitative relaxation mapping

Pulse sequence for MRI scanners

1 licensing option
A novel approach for bioprinting complex tissue models

A new method to align cells in muscle tissue using long, pre-aligned microtissues, which are suspended in a bio-ink and printed using a 3D extrusion bioprinter to form larger macrotissues.

Novel anti-cancer agents that target the epigenetic reader protein

Small-molecule inhibitors target the bromodomain and PHD finger transcription factor (BPTF) for development as anti-cancer therapeutics.

HapShared - a software for pedigree reconstruction

A Python script for performing complex pedigree analysis with high sensitivity.

1 licensing option
Triumph™ Brand Apples

The latest apple cultivar from the renowned University of Minnesota apple breeding team.

High-temperature resistant inorganic nanofiber membrane filtration coating material

A one-step, gas phase deposition method to create durable inorganic nanofiber coating on filtration substrates for enhanced filtration performance at high temperatures.

Spin orbit torque generating materials

A novel material with a large spin Hall angle for applications in spintronic devices.

Solvent-free extraction of metal ions from highly toxic aqueous waste streams

A method for generation and use of polymeric capsules for solvent-free extraction of metal ions in applications such as waste remediation, metal recycling, etc.

Stochastic computing on pulse-width modulated signals

A low-cost system for computing stochastically using periodic analog signals.

Iterative Kalman smoother for robust 3D localization for vision-aided inertial navigation

A method for tracking 3D motion of a VINS system in real-time.

Chaotic desynchronization of neural populations with non-pulsatile inputs

A method to identify stimulation parameters for desynchronizing a set of neurons.

Software for dual-mode ultrasound array driver and imaging platform (DMUA-DIP)

A software to drive dual-mode ultrasound arrays in imaging and therapy modes in a synchronized fashion.

Utilizing periodic irradiation to enhance sensitivity of magnetic resonance detection

A periodic irradiation method for measuring exchange-induced relaxation rate constants to characterize tissue properties using MR spectroscopy.

Pressure shifted and displacement adjusted valve timing

Methods for adjusting hydraulic pump/motor valve timing.

Central airway stent removal device

A medical device for manipulation and removal of airway stents.

Use of sulfanegen and its analogs for prevention and treatment for neurodegenerative disorders

A 3-mercaptopyruvate prodrug, sulfanegen, that reduces neuroinflammation and oxidative stress for therapeutic use in neurodegenerative diseases.

Minimally invasive diagnostic for osteosarcoma in dogs

A panel of six definitive biomarkers that can be isolated from a canine blood sample for the detection of minimal residual disease and monitoring remission in dogs treated for osteosarcoma.

A method to identify cell-free biomarkers of cancers and other diseases

A cost-effective method to discover biomarkers for a variety of cancers that can be measured in a blood sample and can inform risk, diagnosis, prognosis and predict responses to therapy.

Assessing tumor behavior and response to therapy

A method to identify biomarkers for the detection of tumor behavior and/or increased risk for tumor metastasis in order to improve patient outcomes in both humans and animals.

Machine learning for early cancer detection

A machine learning method to train and validate algorithms to classify cancer risk based on a blood sample.

Wind turbine icing loss forecasting software

A software for forecasting wind turbine performance reduction caused by ice formation.

Control system to optimize wind turbine farm efficiencies

A method to optimize wind turbine farm efficiencies by minimizing performance loss caused by wind veer.

Control system to optimize cold climate wind turbine performance

A method for mitigating wind turbine performance degradation caused by ice formation.

Analgesic and anti-addictive compositions for treatment of chronic pain and opioid addiction

Strategically substituted agmatine derivatives as selective NMDA receptor subunit 2B (NR2B) antagonists for the treatment of chronic pain and opioid addiction.

Remote sensing based classification of soybean aphid-induced stress in soybean

A method for identification of soybean aphid infestation and classification based level of infestation.

Biodegradable elastomers for 3D printing at low temperatures

A method of using a block copolymer comprising PCL and a stretchable amorphous block such as P(βMδVL) or random P(CL-co-DLLA) for creating extruded structures with bioactive ingredients.

High throughput cryopreservation system for up to millimeter-sized samples

A method for cryopreservation of large (100-1000micron dia.) biological samples while improving cell viability.

1 licensing option
Detection of toxic small molecules using polymers and Raman scattering

A method to capture small molecules using polymers for quantitative detection using surface-enhanced Raman scattering.

Community-based antibiotic screening method for polymicrobial infections (2020-090)

An improved antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) that determines minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) with high physiological relevance for polymicrobial infections.

Fast and reliable neutralization antibodies assay for AAV gene therapy (2020-121)

An assay to measure neutralization antibodies for adeno-associated viral vectors in gene therapy, to screen patients for clinical trials and treatment.

Juicy Jewel™ Brand Pears

An early-ripening Asian-type pear that produces sweet, crisp fruits with yellow-green skin and the occasional orange-pink blush.

Golden Sunset™ Grass

An attractive grass variety with olive-green foliage and yellow-gold flowers.

Device for extracting long genomic DNA from human cells

A microfluidic device for automated cell lysis and extraction of long DNA strands.

Device to Expand Soft Tissue

UEMtomaton: Software for automating image acquisition in electron microscope

1 licensing option
Two-step coating method for improved high temperature filtration

A method to create nano-scale membrane coated porous ceramic filtration material to dramatically improve both initial filtration efficiency and soot loading behavior of conventional DPFs/GPFs and filters used in other high temperature applications.

SARS-CoV-2 N-protein for use in COVID-19 serological assays (2020-323)

Full length SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid (N) protein expressed by bacteria for use in serological assays to detect previous COVID-19 infection in humans and animals.

SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain for use in COVID-19 assays (2020-301)

Stably transfected mammalian cell lines that express the receptor-binding domain of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein for use in assays and research relevant to COVID-19 and potential therapies.

Multifunctional, flexible sensor array for urethral catheters (20140233)

A new urethral catheter for simultaneous measurement of pressure distribution and neural activity.

Continuous honey bee cell-line, AmE-711 (2020-240)

The first and only honey bee cell-line available for use in research and experimental testing.

Orthodontic teeth aligners enabling deeper analysis and personalized treatment plans (2020-227, Dr. Alex Fok)

A system and method for measuring stress and strain distribution of invisible orthodontic teeth aligners.

High performing ultrafiltration membranes with high selectivity and permeability (2020-370)

A method to fabricate high performance filtration membranes at industrial scale.

Pharmacological agents to prevent recurrent C. diff infection (20150362)

Cholic and bile acid derivatives that inhibit Clostridium difficile spore germination to prevent or treat C. diff infection.

3D Spine Registration Software for Computational Thoracic Volume Modeling (20160071)

Circulating tumor biomarkers for meningiomas (2020-164)

A biomarker panel for early diagnosis of meningiomas with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

Adenovirus Vector Generating System (20110090)

Siderophore-based diagnosis of bacterial infections (20150206)

Vision-aided Inertial Navigation System (VINS) for 3D Ground Vehicle Localization (20180123)

Animal and Agriculture Emergency Response Software Portfolio (20180172)

Social Acuity Game (SAGA) for ASD children (20180167)

Bon App French Pronunciation App (20180165)

MNSight App for Landscape and Geological Data (20180150)

Bone Model Algorithm for 3D in vivo Joint Kinematics (20180008)

SHE-CRAM: Computational Random Access Memory (CRAM) based on Spin Hall Effect (20180422)

Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) to Treat Glioblastoma (20180080)

A device and method for treating tumors using optimized electromagnetic signals.

Biofeedback Hand Grip Exercise Device for Assessing Muscle Function (20170200)

Autonomous data corruption filter for 3D image reconstruction (20180303)

An autonomous data corruption filter algorithm for recovering 3D structure of an object from 2D images.

Single Thread Large-scale Localization and Mapping (20170194)

A method to genetically engineer monocytes (20180236)

The first and only method available to create genetically modified CD14+ monocytes for use in research or therapy.

A streamlined method to isolate Fibroadipogenic progenitor cells from muscle (2020-195)

A method to isolate fibroadipogenic progenitor cells (FAPs) based on the presence of a single surface marker (CD73).

5G Tracker Android application for collecting and visualizing 5G performance data (2020-287)

An Android and web application to track 5G network performance.

1 licensing option
Monoclonal Anti-FAP for cancer research and therapeutic development (2019-131)

A plasmid encoding a recombinant monoclonal antibody against tumorigenic protein FAP in the tumor stroma that is ideal for both basic research and therapeutic drug development.

Antagomir to prevent cardiac arrhythmia (2019-069)

A novel small molecule screening platform for tauopathies (2019-123)

FRET-based biosensors that identify early toxic states of tau for use in basic research and clinical development of therapeutics for tauopathies including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Acceleration of heterogeneous catalysis through dynamic resonance (2019-226)

A method to dynamically vary binding rates to drastically increase rate of chemical reactions involving heterogeneous catalysts.

Food Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tools (20180173)

Technology #20180173-20180174-20180175-20180176-20180177-20180178

Active Knit Compression Garment Portfolio (20170290)

A portfolio of shape memory alloy (SMA) functional active knits offers several types of wearable compression garments as well as a novel process for creating them. Technology #20170290-20180107-20180120-20180298

Opioid and Analgesic Chemical Compound Library (z09208)

E. Coli Fermentation of Glycerol from Biodiesel Waste into Ethanol

Dental Implant Bone Cement for Stabilizing Dental Implants and Bone Osseointegration

Calcium Based Dental Bone Cement for Dental Implant Osseointegration

Functional Analysis of Networks in the Neural System

Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells using Graded Heterojunction Technology

Photovoltaic Organic Solar Cells using Graded Heterojunctions are Less Expensive and More Efficient

Transforming Air-Ground Miniature Robots

Infection Control System for Sterilization of Catheter Access Points with Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radios

Geothermal Power Generation from Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Uses Renewable Resources

Geothermal Power Generation: Clean Energy from Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Corn Stover Agglomerates for Oil Absorption

Iron Deficiency Mouse Model

Plasmonic Device Produces Collimated, Monochromatic Light from Heat

Ultra-smooth Patterned Metal Films for Plasmonics

Ultra-smooth Patterned Metal Films for Plasmonics and Metamaterials

High Yield Ammonia Production

Efficiency and Space Improvements in Electrical Apparatus

Compact Power Transformer Design is More Efficient and Less Complex

Power Transformer Design Improves Efficiency

Artificial Cornea Made From Silica Composite

Transgender Films Feature Stories from Transgender Individuals

ParMETIS - Mesh Graph Partitioning Algorithm

Improved Impedance Measurements for Pulmonary Edema from Pacemaker or CRT-ICD Leads

Improved Monitoring of Heart Failure Using Bioimpedance

SMART Signal, Traffic Data Collection for Urban Traffic Flow

Web Based Video Annotation Tool

SALSA - Automated Speech Assessment

For Quantitative Neuropsychological Cognitive Assessment

Organic Photovoltaic Portfolio

Increased Organic Photovoltaic Efficiency

Transposon Induction of Glioma Brain Tumors and Cancer Stem

The Savvy Caregiver™ Program for Alzheimer Caregiver Training

Uncooled Infrared Detectors with High Sensitivity

High Sensitivity Mid-wave Infrared Thermal Sensor

Stair Climbing Robot for Military and Security Applications

Account Reporting Tool for Completing Financial Reports

Ultrathin Zeolite Production Method

Post-Viterbi Error Correction based on Syndrome Value

Ritonavir Analog with Anticancer Activity

Biodegradable Polylactide Polymer from Polymerized Oil

MRI Contrast Software Based on RAFF-n

High-Precision Vehicle Navigation using Kalman Filter Algorithm

Ammonia Production without Molecular Hydrogen for use in Fertilizer Production

Bactericidal Lanbiotic Inhibits Gram-negative Bacteria

CDesK© - Modular Desk / Workstation Design and Manufacturing Specifications

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Syncope Warnings with Minimally Invasive Medical Device for Monitoring Blood Flow

Monitoring Blood Flow and Predicting Syncope with Minimally Invasive Medical Device

Biosynthesis of Biodiesel without Glycerin By-Product

Nanostructured Membranes for Gas and Liquid Separation

Cellulosic Ethanol Production from Starch or Cellulose Derived Sugars

Dual Mode Tactile and Proximity Sensor

Plasma Synthesis of Nanocrystals

Nanoparticles Functionalized with Organic Molecules

Reverse Plug Cytometer for Cell Tracking

Carcinoma Immunotoxin Targeting Epidermal Growth Factor and Interleukin-4 Receptors

Cyclic Codes Error Pattern Correction Increases Hard Disk Storage Capacity

CMOS Image Sensor with Adaptive Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range

Syngas Production Using a Biomass Gasification Process

Ion Gel Gate Insulator in Field Effect Transistors

Hydraulic Energy Storage Systems

Highly Sensitive Uncooled, Narrowband, Infrared Detector

Programmable Self-assembly Method for Nanocomponents and Microcomponents

Cardiac Test Provides Three Dimensional Model of the Heart and Locates Heart Problems

Lupus Treatments Possible with Identification of High Risk Haplotype

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment

Simple Pulse-width Modulated Controller for Matrix Converters

Navigation Aid for the Visually Impaired

Thin Film Gallium Nitride has Low Dislocation Density

Uncooled, Continuously Tunable Thermal Sensor Increases Thermal Sensitivity

AMSOL 7.1: Software to Calculate Free Energies of Solvation

4 licensing options
MovieLens Database

Biodegradable Polyester Produced From Non-toxic, Renewable Monomer

On-Demand Production of Peracetic Acid

Early Pulmonary Edema and Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using Implantable Devices

Cold Hardy Marquette Grape Variety

2 licensing options
Aerodynamic Lenses Optimized For Nanoparticles

Error Detection Using CRC Code

Algorithm for Non-invasive Source Localization of Neural Activity

Directed Self-Assembly, Reconfigurable Manufacturing for Microsystems

Complementary Therapies and Alternative Medicine Online Learning Modules

Three Dimensional Dental Anatomy Software Program for Dentistry Students

1 licensing option
Parity-bit Error Detection Targets Prescribed Error Events

MRI of Amyloid Plaque in the Brain

Partial Oxidation for Production of Olefins with Intact Alkane Functional Groups

Hybrid Geothermal and Fuel Cell System

Real-time Particle Detection in Semiconductor Vacuum Environment

Improved Non-coherent Ultra Wideband Radio Receiver

Pulmonary Edema Measurement Provides Alert to Worsening Heart Failure

University Compliance Program Workbook

2 licensing options
Microbial Biosynthesis Produces Unique Flavonoids, Chalcones and Stilbenes Used in Nutraceuticals

Biodiesel and Enriched Animal Feed from Dry Distillers Grains with Solubles Created in Ethanol Production

Beginning German Language Learning Tool

High-Yield Plasma Synthesis of Luminescent Silicon Nanocrystals

SnowSweet® Apple, Cold Hardy with Sweet Tart Taste

2 licensing options
New Voltage Controlled Oscillator Design

High Quality Digital Image Restoration Provides Faster Downloads with Less Storage and Bandwidth Requirements

Micro Fabrication Using High Resolution Xerographic Printer

3D Video from 2D Using a Single Camera System

Fabric Sleeve for Percutaneous Transluminal Device Provides Embolic Protection

Syngas from Autothermal Reforming of Ethanol

Mining Technology for Pellet Fine Removal

Mammalian Cell Culture System for Anaplasmosis Vaccine Development

PEGylated Fibrin Biomatrix for Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction

Low pH High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography

Mutated Opioid Receptors Block Chronic Pain Signals

Cold Hardy Frontenac gris Grape Variety

2 licensing options
Nonlinear Post Beamforming Filter for Imaging

Reelin Protein Diagnostic Test for Mental Disorders

Ultra-thin Film Characterization Using Tunneling Ellipsometry

Biological Imaging Provides Full Imaging of Samples

Biological Imaging and Analyzing DNA Chips

Cellulosic Biofuel, Chemical, and Ethanol Production

Organism Design for Cellulosic Biofuel, Cellulosic Chemical, and Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Implantable Microvalve Device for Controlled Insulin Delivery in Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Targeting uPAR Overexpression on Human Glioblastoma

Ecdysteroid Biosynthetic Enzyme Inhibitors

Human Brain Anatomy Software for Interactive Neuroanatomy Study

Biological Imaging using a CMOS or CCD Image Sensor

Spray Pyrolysis Fabrication of Nanoporous Material

Direct Application of Antibiotics to Middle Ear for Ear Infection Treatment

Kappa Receptor Agonists and Delta Receptor Antagonists

Histology Software Atlas for Anatomy and Cell Biology Study

Computer-based Histology Atlas for Human Anatomy and Cell Study

Catheter for Cell Delivery in Tissue

Blue Heaven Ornamental Grass

1 licensing option
Cold Hardy La Crescent Grape Variety

2 licensing options
Modification of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Emission Characteristics

Fast Iterative Decoding of Parallel Concatenated Parity Check Code

Low Complexity Signal Space Detector for DVD Channel

Highly Linear Circuits

Inhibition of Zebrafish Gene Expression

Single Wire Arc Thermal Spray for Uniform Surface Coating and Rapid Prototyping

Low Phase Noise Ring-type Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Radial Symmetry Ellipsometer

Improved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using Half-Spin Echo Data Recovery

Target for Acaricides and Cattle Tick Vaccines

Genetic Modification of Endostatin: An Anti-Angiogenic Therapeutic

Driver Assistive System - Assistance in Low Visibility Conditions

Bifidobacteria Strain Depletes Iron-Dependent Bacteria

MRI Compatible Surgical Table

Nematode Biocontrol Agent

Magnetic Separator for Taconite Processing Plant

Multimeric Immunotoxins for Cancer Treatment and Graft vs Host Disease

Rothenberger Institute

Nutrition Data System for Research – Nutritional Analysis Software

Food and Nutrient Database for Application Development and Nutrition Research

Formative Reading Assessment System for Teachers (FAST)

Biological Sample Imaging Device

More Stable and Potent Cyclic ADP-Ribose Analogs

Virtual Dental Simulation Software for Dental Assessment

Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases with Nicotine Receptor Ligands

Medical Probe Deflection Device

Needle Placement System Provides Details for Tissue Model

Modified Sleeping Beauty Transposon Gene Transfer System

Intracranial Endoscopy System Fiber-Optic Biopsy Needle Minimizes Hemorrhaging Risk

Cell Cryopreservation for Lymphocytes Improves Hematopietic Cell Survival

Serial Graph Partitioning, Finite Element Analysis and Fill Order Reduction for Sparse Matrices

Assessing the Risk of Repeated Hospital Admission for Elderly Patients (97145)

Zestar!® Cold Hardy, Early Season Apple Variety

2 licensing options
Vertebrates: Sleeping Beauty Transposon for Efficient DNA Delivery into Wide Array of Cells

Continuous-Text Reading Chart for Eye Examinations Measures Reading Acuity and Speed

Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE® Questionnaire (MLHFQ)

The Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE® Questionnaire (MLHFQ) is a validated patient-oriented measure of the adverse effects of heart failure on a patient's life.

7 licensing options
FINPACK® Financial Software for Agricultural and Farm Management

FINPACK® is the credit analysis solution that can help lenders work smarter and serve customers better.

Honeycrisp Apples - Cold Hardy, Minnesota Apple

Explosively Crisp!

Decontamination of food and surfaces from viral contamination using photodynamic treatment

An inexpensive, non-thermal method for decontamination of foods from viral contaminants without affecting their quality.

3D printable deer head and neck model

2 licensing options
Chronic wasting disease transmission and progression e-booklet

An informative and captivating e-booklet on chronic wasting disease transmission and progression.

2 licensing options
A positive pressure testing booth for sample collection

Design files for a portable testing booth that facilitates safe practice of sample collection procedures on patients with infectious pathogens.

1 licensing option
A Gown for U Project - level 1 isolation gown for emergency use

Design files for a low cost, rapidly producible, one-size-fits-all level 1 isolation gown.

1 licensing option
Storage box to facilitate decontamination and reuse of face masks

A safe and well-ventilated storage box for N95 masks - design files and instruction videos.

1 licensing option
MNmask Emergency-Use Face Masks

A design package for three styles of emergency-use face masks.

1 licensing option
Minnesota Solvation (MNSOL) Database

An extensive and vetted database of free energies of solvation.

1 licensing option
Portable aerosol hood to reduce spread of pathogens during medical procedures

A portable, transparent isolation box that facilitates safe practice of medical procedures on patients with infectious pathogens.

Coventor Emergency Ventilator - Adult Manual Resuscitator Compressor

A design package for an emergency, rapid-deployment ventilator system.

1 licensing option
HUMBI dataset - high resolution multiview images of human body expressions

A large multiview dataset of human body expressions from a diverse population.

S100A4 inhibitor “Minnetamide” for prostate cancer treatment

Protocol for mapping sports field properties

A step-by-step, easy-to-follow protocol for collecting and analyzing surface properties of sports fields using commercially available devices and free software.

1 licensing option
Sustainable triblock copolymers as strong, tunable, and degradable pressure sensitive adhesives

A method to produce strong, tunable, and degradable pressure sensitive adhesives from by-products of the cashew industry.

Machine learning algorithm for 3D particle field reconstruction

A machine learning algorithm for accurately reconstructing 3D particle fields.

MemPy v1.0 - Simulation software for gas separation using spiral-wound membrane modules

A simulation software tool to evaluate performance of spiral-wound membrane modules.

1 licensing option
Peripheral Artery Disease Quality of Life (PADQOL) Questionnaire

A validated instrument to assess the physical, psychosocial and emotional effects on patients suffering from peripheral artery disease.

3 licensing options
Living with Pulmonary Hypertension Questionnaire (LPHQ)

The Living with Pulmonary Hypertension Questionnaire (LPHQ) is a reliable and validated measure of the adverse effects of pulmonary hypertension on a patient’s life.

2 licensing options
Position estimation and tip-over prevention system for off-road vehicles

Visualization of intracardiac electrograms on 3D heart model (VIEgram)

A software for easy visualization of intracardiac electrograms on 3D heart models.

1 licensing option
Improving photovoltaic cell efficiency by employing highly stable, earth-abundant nanoparticle system

A novel nanomaterial for applications involving photon upconversion.

Self-supervised physics-based deep learning reconstruction without fully-sampled data

Methods for training machine learning algorithms without fully-sampled reference data for inverse problems.

Mouse models of tau variants linked to neurodegenerative disease

An improved and controlled mouse model expressing human tau P301L protein, a common mutation linked to neurodegeneration.

Hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM memory devices (2020-102, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Designs of hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM devices for ultra-high-density non-volatile memory.

Nanoparticle bio-pesticide to improve crop health, germination, and overall yield

A material and method of application for improving crop health and yield.

Novel tensile testing apparatus for brittle materials

A device for accurately measuring tensile strength of brittle materials without requiring constitutive assumptions.

Novel process to obtain large quantities of primary cells for transplantation

A method to isolate large quantities of high quality primary cells for therapeutic transplantation through freezing and thawing organs, including organs typically considered suboptimal for donation.

Topographically conforming self-fitting garments made of active materials

A method to design and manufacture knitted garments that dynamically conforms to complex surfaces.

Nanosota-1: A series of nanobody drugs to combat COVID-19

A series of camelid nanobodies that bind to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) spike protein to block infection of human cells.

Low-discrepancy Deterministic Bit-stream Processing

Two methods for fast-converging, scalable deterministic computation based-on low-discrepancy sequences.

Six-month mortality risk estimation from electronic medical record

Method for genetic engineering of legume species (2019-351, Dr. Daniel Voytas, Dr. Feng Zhang)

A method to genetically modify a variety of legume species that is efficient, fast and doesn’t require technical skills such as traditional tissue culture.

Selective bromodomain protein inhibitors that reduce cancer cell viability

Small molecules systematically designed as highly selective bromodomain inhibitors for development as cancer and inflammatory disease therapeutics.

Wound closure device

Advance Ergonomic Desk

A fully electric standing desk that is optimized for improved ergonomics, mobility, and collaboration needs of home office users.

Protocol for Golf Course Soil Moisture Mapping

A detailed, easy-to-use protocol for collecting and analyzing golf course soil moisture data using commercially available devices and free software.

1 licensing option
Augmented sgRNAs for enhanced plant genome engineering (2019-322, Dr. Daniel Voytas)

The Voytas Lab has developed augmented sgRNAs that improve somatic cell genome editing and produce heritable modifications in plants using CRISPR/Cas9.

Dental stem cells to treat spinal cord injury

A method of treating nervous tissue damage using dental pulp stem cells that leads to neuro-regeneration with a high safety profile and low probability of patient rejection.

3D printed bionic skull for multimodal neural sensing

Elderly Mortality After Trauma (EMAT) score

A validated scoring method for predicting mortality after trauma in elderly patients at admission.

Exact-repair regenerating codes for distributed storage system

A novel framework for exact-repair regenerating codes that can optimally trade between storage and repair bandwidth in distributed storage systems.

Methods to produce high performance soft magnetic material (Minnealloy) in bulk (2019-263, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Methods to prepare soft magnetic materials with high magnetization and low coercivity.