Quantitative ultrasound for fatty tissue imaging

A signal processing method to enhance ultrasound imaging of fatty tissue.
Technology No. 2022-039
IP Status: PCT Pending; Application number PCT/US2022/042999


  • Quantitative imaging of fatty liver disease
  • Imaging fat infiltration in muscular tissue

Technology Overview

Ultrasound imaging is currently used for the qualitative assessment of fatty liver based on appearance and other features but lacks the quantitative basis for imaging fat infiltration in muscular tissue. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a novel quantitative ultrasound technique for imaging fatty tissue. By using data from regions of interest, this novel signal-processing method more accurately estimates fat infiltration. This approach allows for improved diagnosis and staging of abnormalities such as fatty liver disease.

Phase of Development

TRL: 3-4
Algorithm has been developed and can be deployed on existing ultrasound scanners.

Desired Partnerships

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