Infrared photodetector utilizing coaxial nanoaperture antennas

An infrared photodetector utilizing coaxial nanoaperture antennas that enhance photodetection capabilities.

Endotracheal intubation with computer vision

A machine learning-based intubation tube for autonomous or computer-assisted endotracheal intubation.

Direct elution caps for reducing autosampler cross-vial contamination

A screw cap that interfaces a pipette tip and autosampler vial, creating a sturdy connection and an elevated pipette tip position within the vial.

Fast 3-dimensional reciprocal space imaging with laboratory X-ray diffraction: RSLab

A software that adds fast 3D reciprocal space imaging capabilities to laboratory X-ray diffractometers with 2D detectors.

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Development of High Gain and High Aperture Efficiency Virtual Element Arrays

A Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna (FPCA) consisting of a source antenna and a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) to increase aperture efficiency and antenna gain

Rapid non-invasive portable system for monitoring deterioration of plastics

A system comprising a portable device and image processing software for superficial non-destructive determination of plastic deterioration

Fault Detection Technique for Inverter controls

A Control scheme in inverter-based resources (IBR) to simulate synchronous machines in unbalanced faults.

Real-time online Cetane number estimation in jet fuels

A method to prevent in-flight engine failure due to fuel variation. The method employs real-time online Cetane number estimates of jet fuels used by compression ignition engines to enable control of engine performance.

Electric-hydraulic conversion machine for off-road vehicle electrification

A new type of electric-hydraulic conversion machine that integrates the rotor of an electric machine with a hydraulic pump and is useful for electrification of off-road vehicles intended for use in construction.

Negative Bias Temperature Instability aware digital low-dropout regulator

A negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) aware digital low-dropout regulator (DLDO) which utilizes a novel unidirectional shift register for power transistor array control.

Estimation of In-Cylinder Pressure and Combustion Variables from Non-Intrusive External Sensors in a Diesel Engine

Non-intrusive estimation of in-cylinder pressure in diesel engines by using a differential equation algorithm.

High efficiency pump & motor utilizing partial stroke piston pressurization

Novel hydraulic valving system featuring high efficiency variable displacement hydraulic pumps, which can be combined with a variety of existing mechanical piston pumping and/or motoring systems, including radial piston pumps, axial piston pumps, and slider-crank pumps

Method and devices for detection of suspended nanoparticles

An image detection approach that can detect suspended particles much smaller than the wavelength of visible light, or far below the microscope resolution or the diffraction limit of light, using an image sensor.

Extrusion via self-lubricated photopolymerization for manufacturing and self-growing robots

A self-lubricated photopolymerization extrusion method for continuous production of profiled polymer parts, which can be deployed in self-growing robots capable of executing a range of tasks, including exploration, burrowing, and traversing tortuous paths.

High performance, highly efficient valves for controlling gas flows

A disruptive pneumatic proportional valve technology has been developed that replaces traditional solenoid actuators with piezoelectric actuators. The valves offer two order of magnitude reductions in power consumption, making them ideal for portable applications. They match the flow capacity of most miniature pneumatic valves. They offer highly linear control regardless of operating pressure. They are the fastest of any available pneumatic valves.

Modular convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system for brine management

An energy efficient modular convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system and control algorithm for brine management

Electrical-field bidirectional switching of full MTJs

A full MTJ stack device with bidirectional magnetization switching purely through an electric field

Efficient graphene acoustic plasmon resonator

A graphene-based device for ultrasensitive infrared spectroscopy and sensing

A counter based in-situ non-linearity measurement circuit in analog-to-digital converters

A novel light-weight measurement circuit to characterize non-linearity in analog-to-digital converters.

3D printed microfluidic devices

An extrusion-based 3D-printing method to create enclosed microfluidic channels on freeform surfaces.

MRI RF coil for improved field efficiency and image quality

A novel RF coil design with high dielectric constant materials to improve B1+ efficiency in MRI systems.

Automated freeway queue warning system

A system for estimating crash-probabilities for automated freeway warning systems.

Assay for detecting misfolded proteins

A simple, onsite diagnostic assay for detecting misfolded proteins using nanoparticles.

Low-energy platinum coatings

A method for low temperature thin-film deposition of high melting point metals, like Pt, and their oxides.

Vehicle-weight based automated passenger counter

A system and method for estimating the number of passengers on a mass transit vehicle.

Rapid microbial diagnostics

A method for rapid detection of microorganisms using chemiluminescence.

Stochastic computing on pulse-width modulated signals

A low-cost system for computing stochastically using periodic analog signals.

Pressure shifted and displacement adjusted valve timing

Methods for adjusting hydraulic pump/motor valve timing.

Wind turbine icing loss forecasting software

A software for forecasting wind turbine performance reduction caused by ice formation.

Control system to optimize wind turbine farm efficiencies

A method to optimize wind turbine farm efficiencies by minimizing performance loss caused by wind veer.

Control system to optimize cold climate wind turbine performance

A method for mitigating wind turbine performance degradation caused by ice formation.

Remote sensing based classification of soybean aphid-induced stress in soybean

A method for identification of soybean aphid infestation and classification based level of infestation.

High throughput cryopreservation system for up to millimeter-sized samples

A method for cryopreservation of large (100-1000micron dia.) biological samples while improving cell viability.

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Detection of toxic small molecules using polymers and Raman scattering

A method to capture one or more analytes using polymers to enable multiplex quantitative detection by surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Device for extracting long genomic DNA from human cells

A microfluidic device for automated cell lysis and extraction of long DNA strands.

Device to Expand Soft Tissue

Multifunctional, flexible sensor array for urethral catheters (20140233)

A new urethral catheter for simultaneous measurement of pressure distribution and neural activity.

Active Knit Compression Garment Portfolio (20170290)

A portfolio of shape memory alloy (SMA) functional active knits offers several types of wearable compression garments as well as a novel process for creating them. Technology #20170290-20180107-20180120-20180298

Plasmonic Device Produces Collimated, Monochromatic Light from Heat

Efficiency and Space Improvements in Electrical Apparatus

Uncooled Infrared Detectors with High Sensitivity

High Sensitivity Mid-wave Infrared Thermal Sensor

High-Precision Vehicle Navigation using Kalman Filter Algorithm

Dual Mode Tactile and Proximity Sensor

CMOS Image Sensor with Adaptive Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range

Highly Sensitive Uncooled, Narrowband, Infrared Detector

Simple Pulse-width Modulated Controller for Matrix Converters

Navigation Aid for the Visually Impaired

Uncooled, Continuously Tunable Thermal Sensor Increases Thermal Sensitivity

Early Pulmonary Edema and Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using Implantable Devices

Aerodynamic Lenses Optimized For Nanoparticles

MRI of Amyloid Plaque in the Brain

Real-time Particle Detection in Semiconductor Vacuum Environment

Nonlinear Post Beamforming Filter for Imaging

Ultra-thin Film Characterization Using Tunneling Ellipsometry

Low Phase Noise Ring-type Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Radial Symmetry Ellipsometer

Improved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using Half-Spin Echo Data Recovery

Driver Assistive System - Assistance in Low Visibility Conditions

Decontamination of food and surfaces from viral contamination using photodynamic treatment

An inexpensive, non-thermal method for decontamination of foods from viral contaminants without affecting their quality.

A positive pressure testing booth for sample collection

Design files for a portable testing booth that facilitates safe practice of sample collection procedures on patients with infectious pathogens.

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Portable aerosol hood to reduce spread of pathogens during medical procedures

A portable, transparent isolation box that facilitates safe practice of medical procedures on patients with infectious pathogens.

Coventor Emergency Ventilator - Adult Manual Resuscitator Compressor

A design package for an emergency, rapid-deployment ventilator system.

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Machine learning algorithm for 3D particle field reconstruction

A machine learning algorithm for accurately reconstructing 3D particle fields.

MemPy v1.0 - Simulation software for gas separation using spiral-wound membrane modules

A simulation software tool to evaluate performance of spiral-wound membrane modules.

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Position estimation and tip-over prevention system for off-road vehicles

Topographically conforming self-fitting garments made of active materials

A method to design and manufacture knitted garments that dynamically conforms to complex surfaces.

3D printed bionic skull for multimodal neural sensing

Low-end to high-end cross-technology communication via cross-decoding (XBee-XFi)

A method to enable high-throughput, concurrent cross-technology communication from low-end to high-end wireless devices using cross-decoding technique.

Machine Learning-based Dynamic Activity Recommendation System

A deep learning architecture for wearable devices to evaluate, predict, and improve the quality of sleep by recommending personalized activities.

Point-of-care Concussion Therapy

An accurate, high throughput method to measure site-specific ubiquitin abundance

Isotopically balanced quantification of ubiquitination (IBAQ-Ub): A rapid, sensitive method to measure site-specific ubiquitination abundance

Plant Biometric Estimation Using 3D Models

3D Plant Reconstruction and Biometric Measurement

Compact Holographic PIV with Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio

MRI Pre-Scan Method for Imaging Metallic Devices

Large Robotic Swarm Control via Random Finite Set Theory

Select Optimal Therapeutic Parameters for Medical Stimulation Devices

3D printing on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Electric-field switching of perpendicular MTJs

A magnetic semiconductor device design that allows for switching magnetization without an external field.

Quality Control Test for Pathogenic Bacteria Contaminated Water

High Quality Down-sampling for Deterministic Approaches to Stochastic Computing

Patient Controlled Dynamic Therapeutic Compression Tension Garment

Lightweight Single LED 3D Indoor Localization System

Cost-effective Real-time Lane Departure Warning System

Decentralized Interleaving of Parallel-connected Converters in DC Microgrids

Non-invasive Neuromodulation for Reversible Modulation of Neural Activity

A method for targeted modulation of neural activity using transcranial low intensity focused ultrasound.

Referenceless Nyquist Ghost Correction for Echo Planar Imaging (EPI)

Segmenting 3D Bone Computed Tomography Data

Localization of Cardiac Arrhythmia Origins from ECG

Chewing Simulator Provides Sensory Information

Vision-aided Inertial Navigation Systems Software from Multiple Autonomous Robotic Systems Laboratory

Optimized Radio Frequency Pulses Generated From Magnetic Resonance User Defined Parameters

Physical-layer cross-technology communication via signal emulation (AllBee)

A method to enable high-throughput cross-technology communication using physical-level emulation without hardware or firmware modifications.

Nanowire Based Closed Ring Resonators with Extremely High Quality Factors

Augmented non-invasive hearing system

3D Microscale Anisotropic Metamaterials for Rotation Sensing

3D Printed Stretchable Tactile Sensors with Electronic Ink

Sliding Windowed Infinite Fourier Transform (SWIFT)

MRI and Spectroscopy Multi-part Body Coil

3D Microscale Isotropic Metamaterials

Compressed Sensing Coronary MRI Sequence

Enhanced Resolution Cardiac MRI

Remote-Controlled Microscale 3D Self-Assembly

Graphene Based 3D Nanotubes and Nanochannel Sensors

Heat to Electricity Using Phase Transformations in Ferroelectric Oxides

Tunable Neural Electrodes for MRI-Compatible Brain Signal Recordings

A discrete and effective wearable breast pump for nursing mothers

A quiet and concealed wearable breast pump that mimics infant suckling using mechanical compression and heat; increasing milk expression as well as convenience and comfort.

Myocardial Viability Functional Assessment

Dynamic Quantification of Myocardial Tissue MRI

Conformable Dual-mode Ultrasound Transducers for Neuromodulation

Spintronic Thermal Sensor (20170082, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Multi-modal Neuromodulation Therapy Promotes Sleep

Imaging Source Distribution from Electromagnetic Signals

High-voltage, Fully-integrated, High-density Microstimulator with Charge Balancing

Predicting Crop Yield and Quality Using Canopy Reflectance and LiDAR Sensors

Two-terminal Memory Device with Full Write and Read Functionalities (20160423, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Synthesizing Virtual Oscillators for Inverter-Based Power Systems (20160422, Dr. Sairaj Dhople)

Neural Recording under Electrical Microstimulation

Bicycle Collision Prevention System

Highly Stable Calibration-free Printable Ion-Selective Electrode

Free Piston Engines for Mobile Fluid Power Equipment

Lung Biopsy Tool

3D Shoulder Motion Measurement System

Optimal Power Flow Pursuit

Smart Clothing with Dynamically Controlled Compression

Colorimetric Assay for Microbial Screening

Efficient release of affinity-captured cells

A method to effectively release affinity-captured cells.

Hybrid Micro-Electromechanical Systems Fluidic Control Valve

Robust Device Authentication for Integrated Circuits

Vascular Graft Identifies Endoleaks

Vertical Semiconductor Nanowires on Metal Substrate

Nanowire Based Split Ring Resonator

Self-assembled Functionalized Microscale 3D Devices

Multimodal Synchronization, Sound & Electrical Stimulation, Hearing Aid (mSync-hEAR)

Characterizing Soft-Errors in Advanced CMOS

Automated Detection of Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn

Ultra High Density Integrated Composite Capacitor Design for CMOS

Controller Design using Model-based Simulation Software (20150366, Dr. Ned Mohan)

Graphene Formaldehyde Sensor (20150354, Dr. Tianhong Cui)

Holographic Particle Tracking Velocimetry (20150264, Dr. Jiarong Hong)

Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Flight Control (20150238, Dr. Peter Seiler)

Lower Extremity Edema Monitor (20150192, Dr. Rajesh Rajamani)

Spin Hall Effect Switching of Perpendicular Magnetization (20150186, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Photovoltaic Inverter Dispatch Optimizer (20150142, Dr. Giannakis)

Improved MRI Method Uses Temperature Rise Contraints (20150061, Dr. Moortele)

Flywheel Energy Storage Technology (20150060-2)

Bearingless Motor Design (20150060-1)

Iron Nitride Magnetic Materials with High Saturation Magnetization and Low Coercivity (20140327, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Solid Contact Electrochemical Sensor (20140304, Dr. Philippe Buhlmann)

Label-Free Transistor-based Biosensor (20140298, Dr. Dorfman, Dr. Frisbie)

Mapping Prostate Cancer from Multi-parametric MRI with Improved Predictive Models (20140287, Dr. Greg Metzger)

Multi-purpose Arm Ergometer Design (20140266, Dr. Gary Goldish)

Spintronic Analog-to-Digital Convertor (ADC) (20140257, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

In-vivo MRI Radiofrequency Pulses Robust against Respiration Induced Errors (20140236, Dr. Kamil Ugurbil)

Energy Efficient Spin Logic with Larger Output Voltage (20140235, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Multi-band SWIFT Improves MRI (20140121, Dr. Idiyatullin, Dr. Garwood)

Ultra-low Power Carbon Nanotube Logic Circuits (20140082, Dr. Chris Hyungil Kim)

Soft Tissue Elasticity Imaging Method to Assess Pathology (20140062, Dr. Bojan Guzina)

Precision Agriculture Drone Algorithms (20140013, Dr. Volkan Isler)

Nanotechnology Fabrication of Nanogaps Metal Films (20130266, Dr. Sang Hyun Oh)

High Efficiency Variable Displacement Pump Motor (20130212, Dr. Perry Li)

Magnetic Position Sensor (20130174, Dr. Rajesh Rajamani)

Stitched Stretch Sensor (20130122, Dr. Lucy Dunne)

In Vivo Measurement of ATP Hydrolysis (20130111, Dr. Jianyi (Jay) Zhang)

Intraoral Dental MRI Coil (20130110, Dr. Michael Garwood)

Improved MRI Signal-to-Noise Ratio with Digital Beam Forming (20120248, Dr. Emad Ebbini)

Simultaneous RF Transmit and Receive in MRI Coils (20120123, Dr. Tommy Vaughan)

MRI Coil Amplifiers (20120122, Dr. Tommy Vaughan)

Human Whole-Body Imaging at 7T (20120120, Dr. Tommy Vaughan)

Electrical Auto-tuning for Ultra-High-Field MRI RF Coils (20120119, Dr. Tommy Vaughan)

Synchronized Multi-Modal Tinnitus Therapy (20120070, Dr. Hubert Lim)

A non-invasive or minimally-invasive method for the suppression of tinnitus using synchronized brain stimulation.

Beam Steering Resonance along a Spatiotemporal Trajectory for MRI (20120060, Dr. Michael Garwood)

Organic Photodetector Design Provides Tunable Spectral Response (20110144, Dr. Russell Holmes)

Giant Magnetoresistance Biomolecule Sensing System (20110105, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Particle Morphology Measurement (20100247)

Dual-mode High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (20100235)

Dual-mode High-intensity Focused Ultrasound Transducer for Real-time Delivery of Therapy

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Using Carbon-Coated Silica