Multifunctional, flexible sensor array for urethral catheters (20140233)

A new urethral catheter for simultaneous measurement of pressure distribution and neural activity.

Wearable laryngeal vibration system for Spasmodic Dysphonia (20170400)

A non-invasive neuromodulation device and method for the treatment of spasmodic dysphonia.

Acceleration of heterogeneous catalysis through dynamic resonance (2019-226)

A method to dynamically vary binding rates to drastically increase rate of chemical reactions involving heterogeneous catalysts.

Active Knit Compression Garment Portfolio (20170290)

A portfolio of shape memory alloy (SMA) functional active knits offers several types of wearable compression garments as well as a novel process for creating them. Technology #20170290-20180107-20180120-20180298

Stair Climbing Robot for Military and Security Applications

CDesK© - Modular Desk / Workstation Design and Manufacturing Specifications

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CMOS Image Sensor with Adaptive Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range

Improved Non-coherent Ultra Wideband Radio Receiver

High Quality Digital Image Restoration Provides Faster Downloads with Less Storage and Bandwidth Requirements

Micro Fabrication Using High Resolution Xerographic Printer

Mining Technology for Pellet Fine Removal

Highly Linear Circuits

Single Wire Arc Thermal Spray for Uniform Surface Coating and Rapid Prototyping

Low Phase Noise Ring-type Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Decontamination of food and surfaces from viral contamination using photodynamic treatment

An inexpensive, non-thermal method for decontamination of foods from viral contaminants without affecting their quality.

A positive pressure testing booth for sample collection

Design files for a portable testing booth that facilitates safe practice of sample collection procedures on patients with infectious pathogens.

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A Gown for U Project - level 1 isolation gown for emergency use

Design files for a low cost, rapidly producible, one-size-fits-all level 1 isolation gown.

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Storage box to facilitate decontamination and reuse of face masks

A safe and well-ventilated storage box for N95 masks - design files and instruction videos.

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MNmask Emergency-Use Face Masks

A design package for three styles of emergency-use face masks.

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Portable aerosol hood to reduce spread of pathogens during medical procedures

A portable, transparent isolation box that facilitates safe practice of medical procedures on patients with infectious pathogens.

Coventor Emergency Ventilator - Adult Manual Resuscitator Compressor

A design package for an emergency, rapid-deployment ventilator system.

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Machine learning algorithm for 3D particle field reconstruction

A machine learning algorithm for accurately reconstructing 3D particle fields.

MemPy v1.0 - Simulation software for gas separation using spiral-wound membrane modules

A simulation software tool to evaluate performance of spiral-wound membrane modules.

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Position estimation and tip-over prevention system for off-road vehicles

Hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM memory devices (2020-102, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Designs of hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM devices for ultra-high-density non-volatile memory.

Novel tensile testing apparatus for brittle materials

A device for accurately measuring tensile strength of brittle materials without requiring constitutive assumptions.

Topographically conforming self-fitting garments made of active materials

A method to design and manufacture knitted garments that dynamically conforms to complex surfaces.

Wound closure device

Advance Ergonomic Desk

A fully electric standing desk that is optimized for improved ergonomics, mobility, and collaboration needs of home office users.

3D printed bionic skull for multimodal neural sensing

Simplified, Single-Vessel Synthesis and Separation of Ammonia

An apparatus and process for simplified, high yield production of ammonia using a single vessel, isothermal reactor.

Patterned organic semiconductor layer for increased efficiency in OLEDs

A simple method to create a single-component diffraction grating using organic semiconductors for the improvement of outcoupling efficiency in OLEDs.

Drug Delivery Device for Oral Topical Medicine

3D printing on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Electric-field switching of perpendicular MTJs

A magnetic semiconductor device design that allows for switching magnetization without an external field.

High Quality Down-sampling for Deterministic Approaches to Stochastic Computing

Patient Controlled Dynamic Therapeutic Compression Tension Garment

Lightweight Single LED 3D Indoor Localization System

Gradient-index Beam Shaper

Design of Energy Efficient Microprocessor

Probes for Biosynthesis of Bacterial Cell Wall

3D Printable Heat Exchanger

A discrete and effective wearable breast pump for nursing mothers

A quiet and concealed wearable breast pump that mimics infant suckling using mechanical compression and heat; increasing milk expression as well as convenience and comfort.

Orthopedic Meniscus Repair Implant, Introducer and Delivery System

Remedy for Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Exchange Coupled Composite Media for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

Particle Swarm Optimization for Programming Neuromodulation Systems

Optimizing Processors for IoT Applications

Pediatric Tracheo-bronchomalacia Stent and Deployment System

Two-terminal Memory Device with Full Write and Read Functionalities (20160423, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Hybrid Micro-Electromechanical Systems Fluidic Control Valve

Customizable Acoustic Environment

Self-assembled Functionalized Microscale 3D Devices

Liquid Plasma Discharge for Biodiesel Synthesis

Characterizing Soft-Errors in Advanced CMOS

Ultra High Density Integrated Composite Capacitor Design for CMOS

Controller Design using Model-based Simulation Software (20150366, Dr. Ned Mohan)

Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Flight Control (20150238, Dr. Peter Seiler)

Spin Hall Effect Switching of Perpendicular Magnetization (20150186, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Shapewear Improves Posture (20150007, Dr. Karen LaBat)

Iron Nitride Magnetic Materials with High Saturation Magnetization and Low Coercivity (20140327, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

High Strength Lignin Based Plastics (20140254, Dr. Simo Sarkanen)

Energy Efficient Spin Logic with Larger Output Voltage (20140235, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Vehicle to Vehicle Technology Communicates Driving Hazards (20140049, Dr. Imran Hayee)

High Power Application Modular Multilevel Converter (20130335, Dr. Ned Mohan)

High Efficiency Variable Displacement Pump Motor (20130212, Dr. Perry Li)

Shibboleth’s Lil Helper (20130152, Dr. Joe Goggins)

Ultra-Smooth, Ultra-Sharp Gold Pyramid Probe Tips for Near-Field Imaging Applications (20130145, Dr. Sang-Hyun Oh)

Stitched Stretch Sensor (20130122, Dr. Lucy Dunne)

Precise, Reliable and Robust Free Piston Engine with Virtual Crankshaft (20120205, Dr. Zongxuan Sun)

Mechanical Auto-tuning for High Magnetic Fields (20120121, Dr. Tommy Vaughan)

US3D: Aerodynamic and Aerothermodynamic Simulations Software (20110126, Dr. Graham Candler)