College of Liberal Arts Career Readiness Tools and Resources

The University of Minnesota-College of Liberal Arts is providing access to a suite of tools and resources specifically designed to support the unique career needs of liberal arts students to help them understand and articulate how their education gives them a career advantage.
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  • The CLA Core Competency Framework, Graphics, Career Readiness Guide are resources needed to help liberal arts institutions implement a framework that helps students articulate the value of their education in a language employersCareer readiness and others understand.
  • RATE™: A digital self-assessment tool that helps liberal arts students recognize the value of career readiness experiences within their courses and co-curricular activities.

Career Readiness Tools and Resources

Liberal arts students question the investment in their education because the connection between their education and future career is not directly apparent. Faculty and instructors want to help students but lack the required pedagogy and framework to be successful. Higher education and liberal arts institutions largely leave this process to chance.

Faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota have developed the CLA Core Competency Framework, Graphics, the Career Readiness Guide, and the RATE™ - Reflect, Articulate, Translate, and Evaluate digital tool.

  • The Core Competency Framework and Graphics will be provided in a downloadable format that allows them to be adapted to implement at your institution using your branding guidelines.
  • The Career Readiness Guide has been written in a universal format and also provide institutions the opportunity to customize the colors, an introductory letter, and a page of customized resources through accessing the Career Readiness Guide Portal.
  • RATE™ - is a novel tool to improve the ability of liberal arts students to articulate the value of their education. RATE™ provides a framework and a process for students to connect the various aspects of their education both curricular and co-curricular, reflect on those experiences, and translate it into a future context. It is also a tool that instructors and faculty can use in their courses to provide the necessary scaffolding for students to engage in this type of reflection. RATE™ helps a student improve their ability to articulate and translate the competencies they build in liberal arts education. It captures their experiences and helps them practice telling their story. When a RATE™ assessment is submitted, students receive feedback on competency development.
  • Phase of Development

    TRL: 9
    Fully developed and available for students and faculty.

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    Please contact our office to share your business’ needs and learn more. Please refer to the attached Description of Services for Implementation and Technical Requirements of RATE™ document for details pertaining to the licensing of access to the RATE system.

    Please refer to the "Preview Terms" on each license to go through the specific agreement related details.


    • Ascan F. Koerner, PhD Professor & Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
    • Colin McFadden, Technology Architect, College of Liberal Arts
    • Judith Anderson Director of Career Readiness, College of Liberal Arts
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    CLA’s Core Competency framework, Graphics and Career Readiness Guide
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