Immortalized clonal human fibroblast line "F007"

Immortalized human fibroblast cell line obtained from a healthy individual
Technology No. 2021-257


  • Wound healing and skin regeneration
  • Tissue engineering
  • Skin therapy

Technology Overview

Immortalized human fibroblast cell line from primary fibroblasts obtained from the muscle biopsy of a healthy individual.The cells were immortalized by overexpressing hTERT, CCND1 and a mutant CDK4, using two vectors pLV-hTERT-IRES-hygro and pbabe-cyclinD1+CDK4R24C from Addgene. These cells can grow indefinitely and can be differentiated into fat cells in vitro, by changing the medium to adipogenic differentiation medium.

Technical Information

Organism: Homo sapiens (human)
Tissue: Skeletal Muscle
Disease: Normal
Karyotype: 46XX [20/20 normal metaphase spreads]
Product format:Frozen

Desired Partnerships

This cell line is fully developed and available for license. Please contact our office to learn more


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