Nanoscale carbon dots for PFAS phytoremediation

A method for the phytoremediation of PFAS from contaminated soil using carbon-based nanoparticles.

Phytoremediation of PFAS with ultraporous silica nanoparticles

A method for the phytoremediation of PFAS from contaminated soil using ultraporous mesostructured silica nanoparticles.

Dual use fungi to remediate groundwater oil contamination and/or enhance oil and gas recovery

A method utilizing fungal hyphae to degrade non-aqueous liquid phase in contaminated soil and groundwater systems.

Polymeric reactive additives for repurposing mixed plastic waste

Taconite based pothole and road repair material (Road Patch)

A fast-setting road repair material comprising magnetite, phosphoric acid and appropriately sized aggregate material developed to address the needs of aging infrastructure.

Rapid non-invasive portable system for monitoring deterioration of plastics

A system comprising a portable device and image processing software for superficial non-destructive determination of plastic deterioration

Steerable magneto-photonic particles for targeted delivery and collection of light

An embeddable magneto-photonic microparticle that can be externally positioned and orientated for targeted delivery and collection of light.

Polymeric coating for dental restoration

A photopolymerizable coating material that improves soft tissue attachment to restored dental surfaces.

Synthesis and functionalization of polymers from biomass-derived levoglucosan

Synthesis & functionalization of sustainable polymers with tailored properties from levoglucosan via facile cationic ring-opening polymerization (cROP)

Apparatus and method for tuning the permittivity of ultrahigh dielectric constant materials in an RF coil for MR imaging

Tunable ultrahigh dielectric constant ceramics to significantly improve RF coil efficiency, detection sensitivity, and imaging signal-to-noise ratio in magnetic resonance systems

3D-printed skin-wearable photodetector device

Fully 3D-printed flexible skin-wearable device for real-time measurements of UV-visible exposures.

Extrusion via self-lubricated photopolymerization for manufacturing and self-growing robots

A self-lubricated photopolymerization extrusion method for continuous production of profiled polymer parts, which can be deployed in self-growing robots capable of executing a range of tasks, including exploration, burrowing, and traversing tortuous paths.

Rapid carbon-free iron ore reduction with high-density hydrogen plasma

A new method of using hydrogen plasmas for rapid and carbon-free iron ore reduction using micron and submicron-sized iron ore particles.

Bacteriophage cocktail for food decontamination

A cocktail of bacteriophages for specific targeting and eradication of foodborne Salmonella and Shiga toxigenic E.coli.

Design and composition of thermal and environmental barrier coatings for high temperature operations

A design of high temperature resistance thermal and environmental barrier coatings that leads to better performance and reduced cost.

Method for mass production of high performance magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Iron nitride nanoparticles are post-processed by applying a wet ball milling method in conjunction with different surface-active media and centrifugation steps to obtain ultra-stable, monodispersed, uniformly sized, surface-functionalized, and sub-100-nm iron nitride nanoparticles suitable for biomedical applications

Functionalized filters for high efficiency bioseparation

A bioseparation device using a novel filter to facilitate collection and extraction in large volumes and at high flow rates.

Epoxy resins with improved toughness

A composite material made of epoxy combined with graphene and block copolymer for improved toughness.

Non-toxic plastics containing salicylates

Sustainable polymers containing salicylic acid moieties and a method for their synthesis, enabling enhanced hydrolytic degradability that can promote biodegradability while maintaining important material properties.

Multi-faceted glue for long-term survival of osseointegrated prosthetic devices

A multi-functional photopolymerizable glue that enhances the physical and biological adhesion between soft skin and a metal prosthetic device.

Semi-solid polymer drug delivery system

A polymer-based material that is semi-solid material at room and physiological temperatures enabling easy formulation of drugs (e.g. by simple mixing) and delivery (e.g. topical cream).

Low-energy platinum coatings

A method for low temperature thin-film deposition of high melting point metals, like Pt, and their oxides.

Spin orbit torque generating materials

A novel material with a large spin Hall angle for applications in spintronic devices.

Biodegradable elastomers for 3D printing at low temperatures

A method of using a block copolymer comprising PCL and a stretchable amorphous block such as P(βMδVL) or random P(CL-co-DLLA) for creating extruded structures with bioactive ingredients.

High performing ultrafiltration membranes with high selectivity and permeability (2020-370)

A method to fabricate high performance filtration membranes at industrial scale.

Active Knit Compression Garment Portfolio (20170290)

A portfolio of shape memory alloy (SMA) functional active knits offers several types of wearable compression garments as well as a novel process for creating them. Technology #20170290-20180107-20180120-20180298

Corn Stover Agglomerates for Oil Absorption

Plasmonic Device Produces Collimated, Monochromatic Light from Heat

Artificial Cornea Made From Silica Composite

Organic Photovoltaic Portfolio

Ultrathin Zeolite Production Method

Biodegradable Polylactide Polymer from Polymerized Oil

Nanostructured Membranes for Gas and Liquid Separation

Plasma Synthesis of Nanocrystals

Nanoparticles Functionalized with Organic Molecules

Ion Gel Gate Insulator in Field Effect Transistors

Thin Film Gallium Nitride has Low Dislocation Density

Biodegradable Polyester Produced From Non-toxic, Renewable Monomer

High-Yield Plasma Synthesis of Luminescent Silicon Nanocrystals

Low pH High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography

Ultra-thin Film Characterization Using Tunneling Ellipsometry

Spray Pyrolysis Fabrication of Nanoporous Material

Single Wire Arc Thermal Spray for Uniform Surface Coating and Rapid Prototyping

Magnetic Separator for Taconite Processing Plant

Sustainable triblock copolymers as strong, tunable, and degradable pressure sensitive adhesives

A method to produce strong, tunable, and degradable pressure sensitive adhesives from by-products of the cashew industry.

Improving photovoltaic cell efficiency by employing highly stable, earth-abundant nanoparticle system

A novel nanomaterial for applications involving photon upconversion.

Nanoparticle bio-pesticide to improve crop health, germination, and overall yield

A material and method of application for improving crop health and yield.

Topographically conforming self-fitting garments made of active materials

A method to design and manufacture knitted garments that dynamically conforms to complex surfaces.

Methods to produce high performance soft magnetic material (Minnealloy) in bulk (2019-263, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Methods to prepare soft magnetic materials with high magnetization and low coercivity.

Reduce contamination from grains and powdered food

A method for scalable, non-thermal or low temperature pasteurization of powdered or particulate food.

Simplified Recycling of Multicomponent Polymer Products

CoFe nanowires for remote heating using an alternating magnetic field

A nanowire material for remote, rapid and uniform heating of biological samples.

Biodegradable lactose-based hydrogel

A method to produce biodegradable lactose-based hydrogel from lactose-containing dairy waste.

3D tumor models for accurate testing of therapeutics

A method to create a 3D tumor model that accurately mimics both tumor behavior and environment for use in anti-cancer drug development.

Process to Manufacture Branched Caprolactone

Drug Delivery Device for Oral Topical Medicine

Bioink composition suitable for creating cardiac tissues

A material composition suitable for 3D printing of biological structures containing stem cells.

Block Copolymer Toughener for Isotactic Polypropylene

Durable, Water Resistant Wood-Based Energy Pellets

Polyacrylamide Chemistry Provides Pathway to Novel Polymers (20180205, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

3D printing on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Binderless, Easy Lighting Charcoal Briquettes

A method to make moisture-resistant biofuel briquettes with high aroma retention, high volatility, and low ash content.

Efficient Ammonia Production Using Stable Absorbents

High Yield Synthesis of Bio-based Acrylic Acid and Acrylate Monomers from Lactic Acid (20180106, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Chewing Simulator Provides Sensory Information

Active Knit Compression Stockings

High Quality Transparent Conductive Oxide Thin Films

Nanowire Based Closed Ring Resonators with Extremely High Quality Factors

3D Printed Stretchable Tactile Sensors with Electronic Ink

Heat to Electricity Using Phase Transformations in Ferroelectric Oxides

Biomass Absorbs Phosphates and Phosphate-Containing Herbicide (Organophosphates)

Ultra-High Yield Para-Xylene from Biomass-Derived 2,5-Dimethylfuran

Conductive Polymer Composites Based on Co-continuous Polymer Blends with Interfacial Graphene

Spintronic Thermal Sensor (20170082, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Direct Synthesis of High Aspect Ratio Zeolite Nanosheets

Exchange Coupled Composite Media for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

Scaffolds for Cancer Cell Ablation

Biomass-derived Butadiene from Tetrahydrofuran

Biomass-Derived Isoprene in High Yield

Biorenewable Alternative to Polyacrylates

Two-terminal Memory Device with Full Write and Read Functionalities (20160423, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Bio-based Elastomers from Recoverable Methyl Valerolactone (20160418, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Highly Stable Calibration-free Printable Ion-Selective Electrode

Engineered enzymes to disrupt bacterial communication and reduce virulence

Engineered enzymes that inhibit bacterial virulence factors by breaking down bacterial communication molecules.

Engineered enzymes to disrupt and prevent biofilms

Engineered enzymes that inhibit hazardous and infectious biofilms by breaking down bacterial communication molecules.

Environmentally-friendly, enzymatic anticorrosion and antifouling coating

A method to reduce microbial-caused corrosion and biofouling through the use of an enzymatic coating to disrupt bacterial communication

Monomer Recovery from Biobased Polyurethane (20160238, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Nonsurgical Method for Restoring Tooth Enamel

Warming of Cryopreserved Biomaterials using Laser Assisted Gold Nanorods

Vertical Semiconductor Nanowires on Metal Substrate

Nanowire Based Split Ring Resonator

Self-assembled Functionalized Microscale 3D Devices

Selenium Nanoparticles Synthesis (20150326, Dr. Abdennour Abbas)

Mercury Removal Sponge (20150326, Dr. Abdennour Abbas)

Improved Thiourea Catalysts (20150314, Dr. Steven Kass)

Dental Mercury Capture Device (20150218, Dr. Sandra Myers)

Spin Hall Effect Switching of Perpendicular Magnetization (20150186, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Isosorbide-based Methacrylate Monomer for High Tg Polymers (20150148, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Method to Fabricate Chip Inductors Directly on Semiconductor Substrate (20150029, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Mesoporous Silica-coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticle (20140249, Dr. Christy Haynes)

Bio Based Polymer Synthesis from Sugar (20140196, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

High Permeance Separation Membrane Support for Operation under High Pressure Conditions (20140165, Dr. Michael Tsapatsis)

Asphalt Binder Reinforced with Graphite Particles (20140157, Dr. Jia-Liang Le)

Imprint Lithography for Flexible Electronics (20140098, Dr. Daniel Frisbie)

Environmentally Friendly Thermoset from Sugar (20140072, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Mesoporous silica nanoparticles with ultra high porosity

Novel mesoporous silica nanoparticles with high pore volume and open pore structure, displaying high thermal stability and mechanical sturdiness

Matrix for Storage of Biofluid Specimens and Biological Drugs at Room Temperature (20130180, Dr. Alpetkin Aksan)

This technology is a novel biopreservation sponge for storage of biofluid specimens and biological drugs at room temperature that prevents degradation and aggregation of biomolecules.

Ultra-Smooth, Ultra-Sharp Gold Pyramid Probe Tips for Near-Field Imaging Applications (20130145, Dr. Sang-Hyun Oh)

Isochronous Time Integration Algorithms (20130092, Dr. Kumar Tamma)

Polyhydroxyalkanoates Blended with Graphene Nanocomposites (20130048, Dr. Srienc)

Liquid-Phase Deposition of Silicon Nanocrystal Films (20120201, Dr. Uwe Kortshagen)

Lamellar Zeolites (20110222, Dr. Michael Tsapatsis)

Zeolite Nanosheet Membrane Process (20110221, Dr. Michael Tsapatsis)

Silica Encapsulated Biocatalysts for Bioremediation of Fracking Wastewater (20110080, Dr. Alptekin Aksan)

Bio-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Alternative to Petroleum-Based Adhesives (20110026, Dr. Steve Severtson)

Bio-Based, Phthalate-Free Polyvinyl Chloride Plasticizer (20100213)

Nanoporous Polymer Membrane Fabrication (20100133, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Nanoparticle Synthesis System Enables High Deposition Rate

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Using Carbon-Coated Silica