Juicy Jewel™ Brand Pears

An early-ripening Asian-type pear that produces sweet, crisp fruits with yellow-green skin and the occasional orange-pink blush.
Technology No. 2019-182
IP Status: Plant Patent Applied


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Juicy Jewel™ Pear

Juicy Jewel™ brand (MN121 cultivar) pears are juicy and crisp Asian-type pear mild tropical overtones. The fruits are attractive, oval to elliptical in shape with yellow-green skin and an occasional orange-pink blush. This is an early ripening pear variety and is ready to harvest by mid-August in central Minnesota. Fruits can be picked ripe for immediate consumption or be stored for two to three months in refrigerated cold storage. MN121 trees have proven to be winter hardy in USDA zone 4 and relatively free of disease (including to fire blight) when grown at the University of Minnesota’s Horticultural Research Center in central Minnesota. Its disease resistance, and early harvest date makes it an attractive choice for Northern growers.

MN121 cultivar (US Plant Patent pending) pears represents the 5th pear variety released by the University of Minnesota’s fruit breeding program and the first Asian-type pear. Unlike European pears, which ripen to a soft, creamy texture, Asian pears are known for their crisp, apple-like texture. Juicy Jewel™ brand MN121 pears combine the crisp, juicy texture of Shinseiki, a Pyrus pyrifolia "Asian pear" parent, with the adaptation to USDA hardiness zone 4 from Summercrisp.

Tree Characteristics

Hardiness: USDA zone 4
Disease Resistance: possible tolerance to fire blight; infection has never been observed on test trees The tree should be planted in combination with another pear variety to ensure cross pollination and optimum fruit production.

Fruit Characteristics

Shape: Oval to elliptical
Color: Yellow-green skin with occasional orange-pink blush
Size: 2.3-2.5 inches
Texture: Very crisp and juicy
Flavor: Sweet with mild tropical overtones
Harvest: Mid-August in central Minnesota; may be picked ripe for immediate consumption; no after-ripening required
Storage Life: Approx. 3 months in cold storage

Phase of Development

Juicy Jewel™ brand MN121 pears have been grown, tested and characterized in central Minnesota

Desired Partnerships

MN121 has been released as an “open variety” (tree royalty only) and growers may purchase trees directly from nurseries that are licensed to propagate and sell MN121 pear trees.

Nurseries interested in obtaining a license to propagate and sell MN121 trees should contact us directly.

External Links

Please visit Minnesota Hardy Website for additional cultural information.


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