Conditional DUXC knockout mouse model

A conditional DUXC knockout mouse model for use as a basic research tool.
Technology No. 2023-164


  • Basic research tool

Technology Overview

Organism: Mus musculus, mouse 

Background: C57BL/6 

Product format: Live animals 

Description: The Double homeobox (Dux) gene is a repeated gene array in humans and mice. In a C57BL/6 mouse background, this array was replaced with a single copy of the repeat containing the DUXC gene flanked by loxP sites at both ends. This created a conditional allele that can be deleted with Cre expression. Briefly, mouse Dux is not essential for viability or fertilization nor for zygotic genome activation, however the knockout embryos exhibit post-implantation development failures.

Phase of Development

TRL: 7-8
Conditional DUXC knockout mice have been generated, characterized, and published.

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