Autonomous wheel loader control system

A new control system architecture to automate the control of a wheel loader.

Nanoscale carbon dots for PFAS phytoremediation

A method for the phytoremediation of PFAS from contaminated soil using carbon-based nanoparticles.

Reduced complexity modular polynomial multiplication for R-LWE cryptosystems

A method for integrating modular reduction into Karatsuba polynomial multiplication, used to optimize performance of R-LWR-based ciphers and other cryptographic systems.

Personalized Online Self-Learning System (POSLS™)

A set of machine learning algorithms to enable hyper personalization of online learning.

Algorithm for registering prostate imaging data

A semi-automatic image registration algorithm that performs registration of prostate multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) data.

Rubato4Rubato: A software platform for analyzing rubato

A software platform that introduces a new mathematical language to aid musicians, composers, and researchers in exploring and analyzing rubato.

Statewide Work Zone Information System (SWIS)

A real-time database of active, planned, and historical work zones that automatically ingests official traffic control plans to define work zone and traffic control layout.

Fundamentals of Disability Accommodations and Inclusive Course Design

An online course for instructors that provides foundational knowledge on reducing barriers in the learning environment through disability accommodations and inclusive course design.

1 licensing option
Endotracheal intubation with computer vision

A machine learning-based intubation tube for autonomous or computer-assisted endotracheal intubation.

Routine Anti-Racist Conversations for Early Childhood (R.A.C.E.) Worksheet

An educational tool that explains how to talk about race and ethnicity to children based on their developmental stages.

1 licensing option
Autonomous high-accuracy analysis of prostate cancer biopsies

A framework for automated detection of prostate cancer on histopathology slides.

Fast 3-dimensional reciprocal space imaging with laboratory X-ray diffraction: RSLab

A software that adds fast 3D reciprocal space imaging capabilities to laboratory X-ray diffractometers with 2D detectors.

1 licensing option
Development of High Gain and High Aperture Efficiency Virtual Element Arrays

A Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna (FPCA) consisting of a source antenna and a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) to increase aperture efficiency and antenna gain

Rapid non-invasive portable system for monitoring deterioration of plastics

A system comprising a portable device and image processing software for superficial non-destructive determination of plastic deterioration

Real-time online Cetane number estimation in jet fuels

A method to prevent in-flight engine failure due to fuel variation. The method employs real-time online Cetane number estimates of jet fuels used by compression ignition engines to enable control of engine performance.

A novel Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

A novel Vertical Axis Wind Turbine well-suited for urban, suburban, and exurban areas

Low Cost Sorting Network Circuits using Unary Processing

A novel area and power-efficient approach for hardware implementation of sorting network circuits based on “unary processing”

College of Liberal Arts Career Readiness Tools and Resources

The University of Minnesota-College of Liberal Arts is providing access to a suite of tools and resources specifically designed to support the unique career needs of liberal arts students to help them understand and articulate how their education gives them a career advantage.

2 licensing options
Automatic Evaluation of Wheat Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight Using Dual Mask

A method that enables the rapid recognition of wheat spikes and the fungus Fusarium Head Blight diseased areas in wheat.

Structured Deterministic Model (SDM 2.0)

An Excel-based, user-friendly tool for estimating airborne concentrations that represent potential occupational inhalation exposure to volatile and semi-volatile chemicals and chemical mixtures, aerosols, particulates, and fibers.

4 licensing options
PV-SMaRT Solar Farm Runoff Calculator Version 3.0

An innovative spreadsheet-based runoff calculator to estimate stormwater runoff from ground-mounted solar photovoltaic sites for pre-construction as well as post-construction site-specific conditions.

1 licensing option
The Mindful Movement for Physical Activity (MMPA) Program

An eight-week, research-tested mindful physical activity educational program

The Keys to Health & Wellbeing Program (KHW) for adults 50+ years of age

An eight-week, research-tested health & wellbeing educational program for adults over 50

Feed-forward XOR physical unclonable functions

Feed-forward XOR physical unclonable functions for device authentication software security

A data privatization method which maintains statistical accuracy

A novel data protection method that maintains the statistical accuracy of the data and also provides state-of-the-art data privacy.

UEMview: Source files for UEM delay stage and detector communication

Software files for automating image acquisition in TEM

1 licensing option
Enhancement of dynamic wireless communication system speed and performance using continuous learning

An approach that enables data-driven methods to continuously learn and optimize resource allocation strategies in dynamic environments of wireless communications.

Augmented reality transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (AR-TIPS) set and other interventional devices

An augmented reality (AR) system to assist clinicians in performing medical procedures inside the body where 3D anatomical information is important

Interval Privacy - data privacy framework

A novel data privacy framework that enables easy data sharing for machine learning and other applications without compromising privacy.

Kidney and Kidney Tumor Segmentation Data

High resolution CT images of kidneys for training machine learning algorithms.

Modular convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system for brine management

An energy efficient modular convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system and control algorithm for brine management

Electrical-field bidirectional switching of full MTJs

A full MTJ stack device with bidirectional magnetization switching purely through an electric field

SHE-CRAM: Computational Random Access Memory (CRAM) based on Spin Hall Effect

Spintronics-based memory array system that performs true in-memory computational operations. The novel spin Hall effect (SHE) technology is used to implement a new CRAM computer architecture (SHE-CRAM) that is capable of inter-raw communication

Advanced manufacturing method to fabricate removable partial denture

A series of methods and designs to quickly and accurately fabricate partial dentures from intraoral scanning without stone or printed models. The methods include harnessing the abilities of 3d printing, milling, and scanning technology to allow for the most efficient clinical and laboratory outcomes.

Assisted machine learning architecture

A disruptive machine learning architecture invented for privacy-sensitive entities to collaborate with each other without sacrificing the quality of gained intelligence.

AI-enabled support tool for COVID-19 diagnosis using chest x-rays

A deep learning model for screening COVID-19 patients using chest x-rays with >98% accuracy.

Network curvature as a hallmark of brain structural connectivity

A novel method to quantify robustness for brain networks against damage caused by lesions, traumatic brain injury, or aging.

Network Neuromodulation

A closed-loop deep brain stimulation device that exploits new mechanisms of action to control brain networks

Algorithm to improve left ventricular assist device implantation

An image processing algorithm to determine ideal, patient-specific location parameters for LVAD implantation.

Accelerating MRI data acquisition with segmented 2D pulses

A method for accelerating MRI data acquisition with segmented 2D pulses using virtual coils.

Non-Cartesian k-space reconstruction to improve acquisition efficiency

A non‐Cartesian k‐space reconstruction method using self-calibrated, region‐specific interpolation kernels for highly accelerated acquisitions in MRI.

A hybrid machine learning-based magnetic resonance image reconstruction

A machine learning-based magnetic resonance image reconstruction algorithm that combines the benefits of both linear GRAPPA and nonlinear RAKI methods.

High gyrotropy sputtered garnet for photonic isolators

A design and method to fabricate high-gyrotropic optical isolators directly on Si and other common substrates, without using seed layers. This foundry-friendly technology enables creation of smaller, high performance components.

Automated freeway queue warning system

A system for estimating crash-probabilities for automated freeway warning systems.

Observability constrained vision-aided inertial navigation (OC-VINS)

Novel techniques for eliminating estimator inconsistency in vision-aided inertial navigation systems.

Vehicle-weight based automated passenger counter

A system and method for estimating the number of passengers on a mass transit vehicle.

Autonomous, high accuracy classification of cancer in tissue samples

A machine learning-based algorithm for cancer detection and classification.

PhysiAware - continuous monitoring of physiological signals

An app for continuous monitoring of physiological signals from sensors worn by patients.

Quantitative relaxation mapping

Pulse sequence for MRI scanners

1 licensing option
HapShared - a software for pedigree reconstruction

A Python script for performing complex pedigree analysis with high sensitivity.

1 licensing option
Stochastic computing on pulse-width modulated signals

A low-cost system for computing stochastically using periodic analog signals.

Iterative Kalman smoother for robust 3D localization for vision-aided inertial navigation

A method for tracking 3D motion of a VINS system in real-time.

Chaotic desynchronization of neural populations with non-pulsatile inputs

A method to identify stimulation parameters for desynchronizing a set of neurons.

Software for dual-mode ultrasound array driver and imaging platform (DMUA-DIP)

A software to drive dual-mode ultrasound arrays in imaging and therapy modes in a synchronized fashion.

Minimally invasive diagnostic for osteosarcoma in dogs

A panel of six definitive biomarkers that can be isolated from a canine blood sample for the detection of minimal residual disease and monitoring remission in dogs treated for osteosarcoma.

Wind turbine icing loss forecasting software

A software for forecasting wind turbine performance reduction caused by ice formation.

Control system to optimize wind turbine farm efficiencies

A method to optimize wind turbine farm efficiencies by minimizing performance loss caused by wind veer.

Remote sensing based classification of soybean aphid-induced stress in soybean

A method for identification of soybean aphid infestation and classification based level of infestation.

UEMtomaton: Software for automating image acquisition in electron microscope

Software files for automating image acquisition in TEM

1 licensing option
Orthodontic teeth aligners enabling deeper analysis and personalized treatment plans (2020-227, Dr. Alex Fok)

A system and method for measuring stress and strain distribution of invisible orthodontic teeth aligners.

3D Spine Registration Software for Computational Thoracic Volume Modeling (20160071)

Vision-aided Inertial Navigation System (VINS) for 3D Ground Vehicle Localization (20180123)

Animal and Agriculture Emergency Response Software Portfolio (20180172)

Social Acuity Game (SAGA) for ASD children (20180167)

Bon App French Pronunciation App (20180165)

MNSight App for Landscape and Geological Data (20180150)

Bone Model Algorithm for 3D in vivo Joint Kinematics (20180008)

Autonomous data corruption filter for 3D image reconstruction (20180303)

An autonomous data corruption filter algorithm for recovering 3D structure of an object from 2D images.

Single Thread Large-scale Localization and Mapping (20170194)

5G Tracker Android application for collecting and visualizing 5G performance data (2020-287)

An Android and web application to track 5G network performance.

1 licensing option
Food Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tools (20180173)

Technology #20180173-20180174-20180175-20180176-20180177-20180178

Opioid and Analgesic Chemical Compound Library (z09208)

Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radios

Transgender Films Feature Stories from Transgender Individuals

ParMETIS - Mesh Graph Partitioning Algorithm

SMART Signal, Traffic Data Collection for Urban Traffic Flow

Web Based Video Annotation Tool

SALSA - Automated Speech Assessment

For Quantitative Neuropsychological Cognitive Assessment

The Savvy Caregiver® Program

Stair Climbing Robot for Military and Security Applications

Account Reporting Tool for Completing Financial Reports

Post-Viterbi Error Correction based on Syndrome Value

MRI Contrast Software Based on RAFF-n

High-Precision Vehicle Navigation using Kalman Filter Algorithm

Syncope Warnings with Minimally Invasive Medical Device for Monitoring Blood Flow

Monitoring Blood Flow and Predicting Syncope with Minimally Invasive Medical Device

Cyclic Codes Error Pattern Correction Increases Hard Disk Storage Capacity

Navigation Aid for the Visually Impaired

AMSOL 7.1: Software to Calculate Free Energies of Solvation

4 licensing options
MovieLens Database

Error Detection Using CRC Code

Algorithm for Non-invasive Source Localization of Neural Activity

Three Dimensional Dental Anatomy Software Program for Dentistry Students

1 licensing option
Parity-bit Error Detection Targets Prescribed Error Events

MRI of Amyloid Plaque in the Brain

Improved Non-coherent Ultra Wideband Radio Receiver

University Compliance Program Workbook

2 licensing options
Beginning German Language Learning Tool

New Voltage Controlled Oscillator Design

High Quality Digital Image Restoration Provides Faster Downloads with Less Storage and Bandwidth Requirements

3D Video from 2D Using a Single Camera System

Nonlinear Post Beamforming Filter for Imaging

Modification of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Emission Characteristics

Fast Iterative Decoding of Parallel Concatenated Parity Check Code

Low Complexity Signal Space Detector for DVD Channel

Highly Linear Circuits

Improved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using Half-Spin Echo Data Recovery

Driver Assistive System - Assistance in Low Visibility Conditions

Rothenberger Institute

Nutrition Data System for Research – Nutritional Analysis Software

Food and Nutrient Database for Application Development and Nutrition Research

Formative Reading Assessment System for Teachers (FAST)

Virtual Dental Simulation Software for Dental Assessment

Serial Graph Partitioning, Finite Element Analysis and Fill Order Reduction for Sparse Matrices

Continuous-Text Reading Chart for Eye Examinations Measures Reading Acuity and Speed

Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE® Questionnaire (MLHFQ)

The Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE® Questionnaire (MLHFQ) is a validated patient-oriented measure of the adverse effects of heart failure on a patient's life.

7 licensing options
FINPACK® Financial Software for Agricultural and Farm Management

FINPACK® is the credit analysis solution that can help lenders work smarter and serve customers better.

Chronic wasting disease transmission and progression e-booklet

An informative and captivating e-booklet on chronic wasting disease transmission and progression.

2 licensing options
MNmask Emergency-Use Face Masks

A design package for three styles of emergency-use face masks.

1 licensing option
Minnesota Solvation (MNSOL) Database

An extensive and vetted database of free energies of solvation.

1 licensing option
Coventor Emergency Ventilator - Adult Manual Resuscitator Compressor

A design package for an emergency, rapid-deployment ventilator system.

1 licensing option
HUMBI dataset - high resolution multiview images of human body expressions

A large multiview dataset of human body expressions from a diverse population.

Protocol for mapping sports field properties

A step-by-step, easy-to-follow protocol for collecting and analyzing surface properties of sports fields using commercially available devices and free software.

1 licensing option
Machine learning algorithm for 3D particle field reconstruction

A machine learning algorithm for accurately reconstructing 3D particle fields.

MemPy v1.0 - Simulation software for gas separation using spiral-wound membrane modules

A simulation software tool to evaluate performance of spiral-wound membrane modules.

1 licensing option
Peripheral Artery Disease Quality of Life (PADQOL) Questionnaire

A validated instrument to assess the physical, psychosocial and emotional effects on patients suffering from peripheral artery disease.

4 licensing options
Living with Pulmonary Hypertension Questionnaire (LPHQ)

The Living with Pulmonary Hypertension Questionnaire (LPHQ) is a reliable and validated measure of the adverse effects of pulmonary hypertension on a patient’s life.

2 licensing options
Position estimation and tip-over prevention system for off-road vehicles

Visualization of intracardiac electrograms on 3D heart model (VIEgram)

A software for easy visualization of intracardiac electrograms on 3D heart models.

1 licensing option
Self-supervised physics-based deep learning reconstruction without fully-sampled data

Methods for training machine learning algorithms without fully-sampled reference data for inverse problems.

Hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM memory devices (2020-102, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Designs of hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM devices for ultra-high-density non-volatile memory.

Low-discrepancy Deterministic Bit-stream Processing

Two methods for fast-converging, scalable deterministic computation based-on low-discrepancy sequences.

Six-month mortality risk estimation from electronic medical record

Protocol for Golf Course Soil Moisture Mapping

A detailed, easy-to-use protocol for collecting and analyzing golf course soil moisture data using commercially available devices and free software.

1 licensing option
Elderly Mortality After Trauma (EMAT) score

A validated scoring method for predicting mortality after trauma in elderly patients at admission.

Exact-repair regenerating codes for distributed storage system

A novel framework for exact-repair regenerating codes that can optimally trade between storage and repair bandwidth in distributed storage systems.

Machine learning-based sleep quality monitoring

Low-end to high-end cross-technology communication via cross-decoding (XBee-XFi)

A method to enable high-throughput, concurrent cross-technology communication from low-end to high-end wireless devices using cross-decoding technique.

Minneapolis Institute of Art “Riddle Mia This” App

Subfield Level Model for Improved Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations

Minnesota Nursing Informatics Leadership Inventory (MNILI)

Performance Driven Agglomerative Clustering Software

2 licensing options
Machine Learning-based Dynamic Activity Recommendation System

A deep learning architecture for wearable devices to evaluate, predict, and improve the quality of sleep by recommending personalized activities.

Community Detection Method for Decomposition for Optimization Problems

iTorsion - Smartphone App for Ocular Torsion Diagnosis

Enhanced Brain Structural Connectivity Mapping

Healthcare Escape Room Design Guidebooks

6 licensing options
Plant Biometric Estimation Using 3D Models

3D Plant Reconstruction and Biometric Measurement

Trotter or Pacer? Accurate Method to Detect Preferred Gait in Standardbred Horses

A genetic testing method to accurately (>99%) predict gait profile of Standardbred horses around the globe.

MRI Pre-Scan Method for Imaging Metallic Devices

Large Robotic Swarm Control via Random Finite Set Theory

Select Optimal Therapeutic Parameters for Medical Stimulation Devices

3D printing on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Geologic Maps

Accurate Estimation of Upper Atmospheric Density

CMRR - Center for Magnetic Resonance Research Software for Siemens MRI Scanners

8 licensing options
High Quality Down-sampling for Deterministic Approaches to Stochastic Computing

Survival Analysis Software for Medical Applications

Patient Controlled Dynamic Therapeutic Compression Tension Garment

Lightweight Single LED 3D Indoor Localization System

Cost-effective Real-time Lane Departure Warning System

Decentralized Interleaving of Parallel-connected Converters in DC Microgrids

Non-invasive Neuromodulation for Reversible Modulation of Neural Activity

A method for targeted modulation of neural activity using transcranial low intensity focused ultrasound.

MyStrengths MyHealth™

2 licensing options
Automated De-Identification of Distributional Semantics Models

1 licensing option
Reflective Supervision and Infant Mental Health

Referenceless Nyquist Ghost Correction for Echo Planar Imaging (EPI)

Segmenting 3D Bone Computed Tomography Data

Low Latency, Parallel Computing Scheme

Localization of Cardiac Arrhythmia Origins from ECG

Gradient-index Beam Shaper

Optimized Radio Frequency Pulses Generated From Magnetic Resonance User Defined Parameters

One Health Disease Outbreak Response Tool

Peer Mentoring Program Increases Faculty Productivity (PQUAD)

1 licensing option
Physical-layer cross-technology communication via signal emulation (AllBee)

A method to enable high-throughput cross-technology communication using physical-level emulation without hardware or firmware modifications.

Design of Energy Efficient Microprocessor

Scan-Specific Machine Learning Reconstruction for MRI

Augmented non-invasive hearing system

Autonomous Vehicle Lane Detection System for Limited Visibility Conditions

3D Printed Stretchable Tactile Sensors with Electronic Ink

Sliding Windowed Infinite Fourier Transform (SWIFT)

Compressed Sensing Coronary MRI Sequence

Enhanced Resolution Cardiac MRI

One-Year Mortality Risk Estimates from Electronic Medical Record Data

Denoising Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data

NOise reduction with DIstribution Corrected (NORDIC) technique for improving MRI imaging.

Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal (MAPS) System

An integrated assistive system to support wayfinding and situational awareness in urban environments for people with vision impairment.

Myocardial Viability Functional Assessment

Dynamic Quantification of Myocardial Tissue MRI

Microstructure Imaging of Crossing White Matter Fibers from Diffusion MRI

Single Voxel MR Spectroscopy of Human Brain with Automatic Voxel Positioning

1 licensing option
Magnetization Transfer Contrast Preparation

Exchange Coupled Composite Media for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

Particle Swarm Optimization for Programming Neuromodulation Systems

Multi-modal Neuromodulation Therapy Promotes Sleep

Image-Based Fiber Orientation and Alignment Calculator

3 licensing options
Optimizing Processors for IoT Applications

Motion-Robust Cardiac B1+ Mapping of the Transmit Field

Imaging Source Distribution from Electromagnetic Signals

High-voltage, Fully-integrated, High-density Microstimulator with Charge Balancing

Predicting Crop Yield and Quality Using Canopy Reflectance and LiDAR Sensors

Clinical Quality MRI Image under Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field

CG-TARGET Interpretation of Chemical-Genetic Interaction Profiles

4 licensing options
BEAN-Counter Quantitative Scoring of Chemical-Genetic Interactions

4 licensing options
Two-terminal Memory Device with Full Write and Read Functionalities (20160423, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Synthesizing Virtual Oscillators for Inverter-Based Power Systems (20160422, Dr. Sairaj Dhople)

Neural Recording under Electrical Microstimulation

3D Shoulder Motion Measurement System

ThermoDome Thermodilution Cardiac Output Catheter

Optimal Power Flow Pursuit

Designing 2D and 3D Adiabatic Pulses

Melanocytes and Nerves of a Human Anagen Scalp Hair Follicle

2 licensing options
Stockade of Nerves Surround the Bulge Region of Human Scalp Hair Follicle from Male Patient with Androgenetic Alopecia

2 licensing options
Vascular 3-D Network of the Bulb Region of an Actively-Growing Anagen Human Scalp Hair Follicle

2 licensing options
Nerves, Vessels and Neuropeptides in and around the Stem Cell Region of a Human Scalp Anagen Hair Follicle Image

2 licensing options
Hair Follicle Images

Smart Cavity Design using FSS for Feedline Suppression

Robust Device Authentication for Integrated Circuits

Radiofrequency Antenna Array with Electric Dipole and Loop Elements

Self-assembled Functionalized Microscale 3D Devices

Algorithm for Discovering Genetic Interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studies (BridGE)

1 licensing option
Multimodal Synchronization, Sound & Electrical Stimulation, Hearing Aid (mSync-hEAR)

High Quality Mosaics from UAV Obtained Images

Pediatric Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Assessment

2 licensing options
Automated Detection of Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn

Differential Evolution Algorithm and Graphical User Interface

Computer-based Training Framework

Adaptive Refocusing of Ultrasound Arrays Using Synthetic Aperture Imaging Data

Ultra High Density Integrated Composite Capacitor Design for CMOS

Controller Design using Model-based Simulation Software (20150366, Dr. Ned Mohan)

Measure Scapula Angles with Smartphone Device (20150270, Dr. Paula Ludewig)

Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Flight Control (20150238, Dr. Peter Seiler)

HerdIn:Form(er): Mobile Questionnaire for Livestock Epidemiology Research (20150194, Dr. Andres Perez)

1 licensing option
Lower Extremity Edema Monitor (20150192, Dr. Rajesh Rajamani)

Spin Hall Effect Switching of Perpendicular Magnetization (20150186, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Deep Brain Stimulation Settings Optimization Algorithm (20150160, Dr. Matthew Johnson)

Photovoltaic Inverter Dispatch Optimizer (20150142, Dr. Giannakis)

Cross-technology Wireless Communication (20150103, Dr. Tian He)

Time Efficient Arterial Spin Labeling Imaging with Segmented Multiband-acquisition (20150097, Dr. Greg Metzger)

Food Supply Protection Using Big Data (20150084, Dr. Amy Kircher)

1 licensing option
Spatial Hadoop: Spatial Data Analysis Extension for Apache Hadoop (20150081, Dr. Mokbel)

Improved MRI Method Uses Temperature Rise Contraints (20150061, Dr. Moortele)

Assessment and Severity of Irritant Contact Dermatitis Due to Incontinence (ASICDI) Instrument

An instrument for guiding nursing assessment of irritant contact dermatitis due to urinary and/or fecal incontinence and scoring of its severity.

4 licensing options
Online Global Health Course (20150056)

6 licensing options
Laparoscopic Camera Trainer (20150048)

Daynamica: Travel Survey App (20150024, Dr. Yingling Fan)

Wrist Assessment and Rehabilitation System (20150015, Dr. Juergen Konczak)

Portable Urine Flow Rate Detector (20140342, Dr. Sean Elliott)

Iron Nitride Magnetic Materials with High Saturation Magnetization and Low Coercivity (20140327, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Improved Multi-Band Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (20140303, Dr. Kamil Ugurbil)

Channel Tracking and Transmit Beamforming with Limited Feedback (20140302, Dr. Nikos Sidiropoulos)

Sensory Processing Disorders Video (20140291, Dr. Judith Reisman)

Sensory Processing for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (20140290, Dr. Judith Reisman)

Cryopreservation without Dimethyl Sulfoxide (20140289, Dr. Allison Hubel)

3 licensing options
Mapping Prostate Cancer from Multi-parametric MRI with Improved Predictive Models (20140287, Dr. Greg Metzger)

Incident Command System Simulation (20140246)

EMT and Emergency Responder Self-care App (20140245, Dr. Debra Olson)

Psychological First Aid Tutorial For iPhone and Android (20140244, Dr. Debra Olson)

In-vivo MRI Radiofrequency Pulses Robust against Respiration Induced Errors (20140236, Dr. Kamil Ugurbil)

Recommendation Algorithm Based on Changing User Preferences (20140226, Dr. Jaideep Srivastava)

Intramural Sports App (20140131, Dr. Zigang Dong)

Parking Availability Monitoring System (20140124, Dr. Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)

Multi-band SWIFT Improves MRI (20140121, Dr. Idiyatullin, Dr. Garwood)

RecDB: Recommendation System (20140120, Dr. Mohammed Mokbel)

Generalized Multiband Slice Accelerated Imaging (20140093, Dr. Dingxin Wang)

Electromigration on Signal Interconnects (20140089, Dr. Sachin Sapatnekar)

Incongruity Algorithm Predicts Interestingness (20140083, Dr. Jaideep Srivastava)

Ultra-low Power Carbon Nanotube Logic Circuits (20140082, Dr. Chris Hyungil Kim)

Optical Interconnect System for Logic Systems and Spin-Based Computation (20140063, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Soft Tissue Elasticity Imaging Method to Assess Pathology (20140062, Dr. Bojan Guzina)

DSRC Equipped Portable Changeable Message Sign (20140050, Dr. Imran Hayee)

Vehicle to Vehicle Technology Communicates Driving Hazards (20140049, Dr. Imran Hayee)

Pseudo True Time Delay for Wideband Phased Array (20140016, Dr. Ramesh Harjani)

Precision Agriculture Drone Algorithms (20140013, Dr. Volkan Isler)

Weigh In Motion Data Conversion and Analysis Tool (20130326, Dr. Taek Kwon)

1 licensing option
Wellscapes Stress Relief App (20130318)

Hay Prices per Ton Calculator App (20130300, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

Healthy Horse App Calculates Weight (20130294, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

Anti-arrhythmic Effect of Cardiac Pacing Without Feedback (20130273, Dr. Alena Talkachova)

Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography (20130259, Dr. Bin He)

Supply Chain Spatial Analysis Software (20130206)

1 licensing option
German Language iPad App (20130195, Dr. Pete Willemsen)

Multislice Multiband Excitation with Parallel Transmission for B1 Homogenization and Power Reduction (20130170)

Shibboleth’s Lil Helper (20130152, Dr. Joe Goggins)

VnmrJ SWIFT Software for Agilent Varian Systems

1 licensing option
Interactive Neuroscience Educational Game (20130135, Dr. Janet Dubinsky)

Valve Control System for Decellularization and Recellularization of Organs (20130112, Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari)

2 licensing options
In Vivo Measurement of ATP Hydrolysis (20130111, Dr. Jianyi (Jay) Zhang)

Intraoral Dental MRI Coil (20130110, Dr. Michael Garwood)

MRI Tool is Alternative to Arthroscopy (20130100, Dr. Jutta Ellermann)

Isochronous Time Integration Algorithms (20130092, Dr. Kumar Tamma)

MRI Signal Separation using Iterative Calibration (20130079, Dr. Kamil Ugurbil)

Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story (20130036)

Robust Image Correlation Based Strain Calculator for Tissue Systems (20130022, Dr. Victor Barocas)

3 licensing options
University Class Schedule Generator: Chronos (20130012)

Critical-Time-Based Approach to Route Planning (20130008, Dr. Shashi Shekar)

Improved MRI Signal-to-Noise Ratio with Digital Beam Forming (20120248, Dr. Emad Ebbini)

Thermodynamic Database Population Software (DBCreate) (20120324, Dr. Martin Saar)

2 licensing options
Mass Spectrometry Software Improves Data Evaluation (20120293, Dr. Timothy Griffin)

2 licensing options
Efficient Evacuation Route Planning and Emergency Management (20120196, Dr. Shashi Shekhar)

Language Analysis Tool Detects Cognitive Dysfunction (20120188, Dr. Serguei Pakhomov)

1 licensing option