3D printable bovine head model

Technology No. 2021-255
IP Status: Copyrighted


  • 3D printed bovine model for education and training

Technology Overview

Researchers at Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach (MNPRO) have developed a 3D printable head model of a bovine. This model shows anatomy of the head with emphasis and isolation of specific anatomical features to help educate meat processors and inspectors, veterinarians, and others (students, etc.) who may need to locate, sample, and/or remove specific tissues in the processing line. Generated using high resolution CT scan images, this 3D printed model will be a realistic tool for meat inspection instruction, replacing outdated two dimensional photographs and drawings during training. Utility exists for multiple national and state-level agencies as well as educational institutions. This 3D printed head model serves as an option to compliment the use of fresh tissue, since the model

  • is more accessible and reusable (does not require tissue disposal and clean up, does not decompose),
  • provides easy to see structures, and
  • facilitates better engagement with the students during training.

Desired Partnerships

This technology is now available for:
  • License
  • Sponsored research
  • Co-development

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  • Roxanne Larsen, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
  • Marc Schwabenlander, MPH, CWD Research Program and Outreach Manager, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
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