Golden Sunset™ Grass

An attractive grass variety with olive-green foliage and yellow-gold flowers.
Technology No. 20180182
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Grass with olive-green foliage & yellow-gold flowers

Golden Sunset™ (Sorghastrum nutans 'MNYG318153') is a new grass with attractive, upright olive-green foliage and yellow-gold flowers. Golden Sunset™ produces flowers that emerge in mid-August (1 month earlier than other native grass available in the market) and remain attractive through the winter. Unlike most native grass, Golden Sunset™ remains upright and does not lodge or fall over.

One of four dominant native grasses to the tallgrass prairie of the Central United States, native grass, grows on a wide variety of sites and soils. First selected in 2005, and since 2010 propagated and trialed in several locations in Minnesota and the Midwest, Golden Sunset™ was selected for its upright stature, clean olive-green foliage and numerous early yellow and golden-bronze flowers. These plants grow in natural or restored prairies and will be taller in southern states, and shorter with earlier flowers in northern locations. Golden Sunset™ originated from South Dakota, and has proven winter hardy as far north as USDA Hardiness Zone 3.

Golden Sunset™ plants are about 4 or 5 feet tall in the first year or two, and grow up to 6 feet at maturity. Large mature plants can be 36 inches wide, with hundreds of flowering stems. Most grass available today has blue-green foliage, whereas Golden Sunset™ has olive-green foliage that is just over ½ inch wide. Flowers average 9 inches in length and are a showy-yellow and golden-bronze in color. Golden Sunset™ has no known pests or diseases, and will be a good addition to landscapes throughout the U.S. but especially in northern climates.

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