Psychological First Aid: A Community Supported Model E-Learning Module

A SCORM version of an e-learning module that can be uploaded to an LMS to educate learners on the concepts and applications of psychological first aid.
Technology No. 2024-080

Course Overview

This course was designed as an overview for Medical Reserve Corps volunteers, hospital personnel, disaster responders, and first-responders, to the concepts and applications of psychological first aid as it applies to assisting survivors and fellow responders impacted by a disaster or emergency event, particularly in the field during a response. This training may also be useful to other individuals when dealing with a personal crisis situation in their family, community, or workplace. The SCORM package is intended for integration into an LMS or similar system. Individual learners who intend to take the course can register for it at


After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and techniques of PFA as they apply to a disaster response
  • Identify at least seven common physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, spiritual, and sensory reactions to a traumatic event in adults and children
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the concept footprint of disaster as a model for the impact of a disaster on people physically and emotionally over time
  • When provided with scenarios and profiles select and provide appropriate PFA responses to individuals presenting with common reactions, positive coping strategies, maladaptive coping strategies and severe reactions to traumatic events
  • Demonstrate knowledge of responder stressors and principles of self-care as they apply to a personal crisis or a disaster deployment before, during and after an event
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of principles of self-care to the development of a printable personal resiliency plan.


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Psychological First Aid
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