Outbreak at Watersedge: Interactive Public Health Game

A SCORM version of an e-learning game that can be uploaded to an LMS to introduce learners to the world of public health.

1 licensing option
InTERACCT Program: Occupational health and safety training

Training courses for occupational health and safety workers aimed to equip them to handle risks associated with emerging technologies.

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Psychological First Aid: A Community Supported Model E-Learning Module

A SCORM version of an e-learning module that can be uploaded to an LMS to educate learners on the concepts and applications of psychological first aid.

1 licensing option
Personalized Online Self-Learning System (POSLS™)

A set of machine learning algorithms to enable hyper personalization of online learning.

Rubato4Rubato: A software platform for analyzing rubato

A software platform that introduces a new mathematical language to aid musicians, composers, and researchers in exploring and analyzing rubato.

Fundamentals of Disability Accommodations and Inclusive Course Design

An online course for instructors that provides foundational knowledge on reducing barriers in the learning environment through disability accommodations and inclusive course design.

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Routine Anti-Racist Conversations for Early Childhood (R.A.C.E.) Worksheet

An educational tool that explains how to talk about race and ethnicity to children based on their developmental stages.

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College of Liberal Arts Career Readiness Tools and Resources

The University of Minnesota-College of Liberal Arts is providing access to a suite of tools and resources specifically designed to support the unique career needs of liberal arts students to help them understand and articulate how their education gives them a career advantage.

2 licensing options
The Mindful Movement for Physical Activity (MMPA) Program

An eight-week, research-tested mindful physical activity educational program

The Keys to Health & Wellbeing Program (KHW) for adults 50+ years of age

An eight-week, research-tested health & wellbeing educational program for adults over 50

Animal and Agriculture Emergency Response Software Portfolio (20180172)

Social Acuity Game (SAGA) for ASD children (20180167)

Bon App French Pronunciation App (20180165)

Three Dimensional Dental Anatomy Software Program for Dentistry Students

1 licensing option
University Compliance Program Workbook

2 licensing options
Formative Reading Assessment System for Teachers (FAST)

Risk assessment for repeated hospital admission: Pra and PraPlus

1 licensing option
Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE® Questionnaire (MLHFQ)

The Minnesota LIVING WITH HEART FAILURE® Questionnaire (MLHFQ) is a validated patient-oriented measure of the adverse effects of heart failure on a patient's life.

7 licensing options
FINPACK® Financial Software for Agricultural and Farm Management

FINPACK® is the credit analysis solution that can help lenders work smarter and serve customers better.

Chronic wasting disease transmission and progression e-booklet

An informative and captivating e-booklet on chronic wasting disease transmission and progression.

2 licensing options
Protocol for mapping sports field properties

A step-by-step, easy-to-follow protocol for collecting and analyzing surface properties of sports fields using commercially available devices and free software.

1 licensing option
Living with Pulmonary Hypertension Questionnaire (LPHQ)

The Living with Pulmonary Hypertension Questionnaire (LPHQ) is a reliable and validated measure of the adverse effects of pulmonary hypertension on a patient’s life.

2 licensing options
Visualization of intracardiac electrograms on 3D heart model (VIEgram)

A software for easy visualization of intracardiac electrograms on 3D heart models.

1 licensing option
Protocol for Golf Course Soil Moisture Mapping

A detailed, easy-to-use protocol for collecting and analyzing golf course soil moisture data using commercially available devices and free software.

1 licensing option
Minneapolis Institute of Art “Riddle Mia This” App

Minnesota Nursing Informatics Leadership Inventory (MNILI)

Healthcare Escape Room Design Guidebooks

6 licensing options
3D printing on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Reflective Supervision and Infant Mental Health

One Health Disease Outbreak Response Tool

Computer-based Training Framework

Assessment and Severity of Irritant Contact Dermatitis Due to Incontinence (ASICDI) Instrument

An instrument for guiding nursing assessment of irritant contact dermatitis due to urinary and/or fecal incontinence and scoring of its severity.

4 licensing options
Online Global Health Course (20150056)

6 licensing options
EMT and Emergency Responder Self-care App (20140245, Dr. Debra Olson)

Psychological First Aid Tutorial For iPhone and Android (20140244, Dr. Debra Olson)

Healthy Horse App Calculates Weight (20130294, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography (20130259, Dr. Bin He)

CoreSHIELD: Secure Communication for Collaboration and Information Sharing (20120080, Dr. Amy Kircher)

Reading Comprehension Assessment Monitors Reading Development (20120025)