Triumph™ Brand Apples

The latest apple cultivar from the renowned University of Minnesota apple breeding team.
Technology No. 20140349
IP Status: Plant Patent Applied; Application #: 17/152,776


  • Direct market fruit producers
  • Organic fruit producers
  • Home gardeners

Scab resistant and attractive apples

Triumph™ brand (MN80 cultivar) apples are scab-resistant and suitable for both commercial growers or home gardeners. The MN80 cultivar has demonstrated excellent scab tolerance, good fresh eating quality and long storage life. This cultivar may be especially well suited to direct market and organic producers. Triumph™ brand apples are adapted to production in cold climate growing regions (hardy to USDA zone 4). Our sensory evaluations indicate that the fruit has a better quality than most other scab-resistant varieties, especially those that can be grown in cold climates.

MN80 was selected in 2004 from the cross Honeycrisp x Liberty made in 1990 at the University of Minnesota Horticultural Research Center. It was first propagated by bud grafting in 2005 and asexually propagated plants have been uniform and true-to-type.

Tree Characteristics

Vigor: Medium
Form: Spreading
Fruit Adherence: Good
Cropping: Consistent annual bearing
Hardiness: USDA zone 4
Disease Resistance: Scab; excellent tolerance; contains two forms of genetic scab resistance

Fruit Characteristics

Skin Color: 75-90% red
Size: 2.8-3.2 inches
Texture: Firm; usually 17-22 lbs pressure at harvest
Flavor: Pleasantly tart, well balanced
Harvest: Late September; similar to Honeycrisp or up to 1 week later
Storage Life: Up to 6 months in common storage without 1-MCP
Cedar Apple Rust: low to moderate susceptibility

Phase of Development

Tested for approximately 15 years in Minnesota

Desired Partnerships

MN80 has been released as an “open variety” (tree royalty only) and growers may purchase trees directly from nurseries licensed by the University of Minnesota.

Nurseries interested in obtaining a license to propagate and sell trees should contact us directly.

External Links

Please visit Minnesota Hardy Website for additional cultural information. University of Minnesota Apples. Press release: FOX9 KSMP.


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