InTERACCT Program: Occupational health and safety training

Training courses for occupational health and safety workers aimed to equip them to handle risks associated with emerging technologies.
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InTERACCT Training

The rapid adoption of emerging workplace technologies can lead to new health risks for workers. To address this, Researchers at the University of Minnesota in the Exposure Science and Sustainability Institute have developed The Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research Activities for Assessing and Controlling Contaminants from Emerging Technologies (InTERACCT) Program aimed to train a workforce in occupational health and safety. It equips them to handle risks associated with emerging technologies, even when data is limited. 

 The program offers three core courses: chemical hazard recognition, exposure assessment, and cumulative risk assessment. These skills will be applied to three emerging technologies: nanotechnology (NT), additive manufacturing (AM), and novel drug delivery (NDD). The cross-cutting skills developed among participants in InTERACCT will empower them to respond appropriately to the unique characteristics of emerging technologies, and to innovations in health and safety. 

While the InTERACCT training modules are publicly available on the InTERAACT website, a license is required for the development of organization-specific training materials or certificate courses that utilize content in the InTERACCT training modules.

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  • Phase of Development

    The chemical hazard recognition course has been fully developed and is available on the InTERACCT Training website and YouTube channel. The exposure assessment and cumulative risk assessment courses are currently in development.

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    InTERACCT Program: Occupational health and safety training
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