Healthy Horse App Calculates Weight (20130294, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

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Horse Weight Estimation

The Healthy Horse App, developed for iPhones and iPads, allows owners and professionals to estimate the body weight of their horses, which is vital information in assessing feeding practices along with administering medication. The equine’s height, body length, neck, and girth circumference is used to calculate the weight. Along with the horse’s estimated body weight, ideal body weight and body weight score will be calculated. The ideal body weight with the body weight score for each individual Arabian, pony, and stock horse is used to assess the likelihood of being over-weight. This information can be used to alter current feeding patterns in hopes of maintain a healthier body weight for the horse.

Horse App Based on Breed

In today’s market, there are few horse related apps that can accurately estimate body weights for adult Arabians, stock horses, saddle horses, ponies, and miniatures. Current apps use old equations that only take into account body length and girth circumference, leaving substantial room for error. The Healthy Horse App more accurately predicts a horse’s body weight based upon specific breed and the inclusion of height and neck circumference. This information is vital for horse owners, nutrition professionals, and veterinarians throughout the U.S. who have access to iPhones and iPads.

The Healthy Horse App is available for download from the Apple Store.


  • More accurate estimation of horse weight
  • Larger number of variables accounted for in equation
  • Calculates ideal body weight along with body weight score
  • Replaces outdated methods of horse body weight estimation

Krishona Martinson, Ph.D.
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