iTorsion - Smartphone App for Ocular Torsion Diagnosis

Technology No. 20180320

Easier ocular torsion diagnosis

A smartphone app (iTorsion) for diagnosis of ocular torsion by physicians. It is not intended for self-diagnosis by patients. Patients wear standard red/green glasses. While holding the smartphone perpendicular to the ground, the patient should predominantly see one line out of each eye. The patient is asked to make the lines parallel with each other and with the ground. After finishing the test, the app will report the degree of extorsion and intorsion for each of the patient’s eyes.

Simpler and more precise

Ocular torsion affects thousands of people in the United States. Traditional diagnostic methods often require special equipment (e.g., Double Maddox Rod) and lack precision. The iTorsion app offers a simpler and more precise method to diagnose the problem. iTorsion requires only a smartphone and red/green glasses.

Phase of Development


  • Better precision than traditional diagnostic methods
  • Simple and low cost. No special equipment required


  • Assists physicians with torsion diagnosis
  • Requires standard red/green glasses and iPhone app
  • Measures and displays degree of extorsion and intorsion for each eye


  • Ocular torsion
  • Ocular extorsion
  • Ocular intorsion
  • Ophthalmology

Michael S. Lee, MD
Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Neurosciences
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