Reading Comprehension Assessment Monitors Reading Development (20120025)

Technology No. 20120025

Computer Based Assessment for Reading Comprehension

The Multiple-choice, Open-ended, Cloze, Comprehension Assessment (MOCCA) is a computer based assessment that measures the reading comprehension skills of primary grade students. Current testing methods simply place students on a scale of reading ability but MOCCA identifies reading difficulties based on the types of inferences made during reading. This provides specific information on the nature of the difficulty the student is experiencing is to the educator.

Cloze Assessment Identifies Reading Difficulties

MOCCA requires the reader to read seven sentences and provide the missing words to complete the text in a cohesive manner. The choice made is indicative of the level of reading comprehension of the student. As the test is administered online, the results are available immediately to the teacher, allowing the teacher to focus on the individual student and address problems that might affect future reading development.


  • MOCCA identifies specific difficulties a student is experiencing with reading comprehension.
  • The test provides diagnostic information for the educator regarding the type of reading comprehension problems the student is experiencing, rather than simply identifying students with reading development issues.
  • As the test is administered online, the educator is able to view the results immediately.

Kristen McMaster, PhD
Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education and Human Development. Dr. McMaster’s research involves creating tools to help teachers with students who are academically diverse learners, including students with disabilities, students at-risk, and students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Her research focuses on both promoting teachers’ use of data-based decision-making and evidence-based instruction and developing individualized interventions for students for whom generally effective instruction is insufficient.
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