Minnesota Solvation (MNSOL) Database

An extensive and vetted database of free energies of solvation.
Technology No. 2020-340


  • Chemical engineering
  • Drug development
  • Developing solubility and bioavailability predictive models


The Minnesota Solvation Database consists of a collection of 3037 experimental free energies of solvation or transfer free energies for 790 unique solutes in 92 solvents (including water) and gas-phase M06-2X/MG3S optimized molecular geometries in Cartesian coordinates for the corresponding solutes. All of the 790 solutes in this database (541 neutrals and 249 singly-charged ions) contain at most the following elements: H, C, N, O, F, Si, P, S, Cl, Br, and I. User manual with detailed description of the dataset and example calculations is included.

Phase of Development

Database -- version 2012 (MNSol-v2012) -- available for download.

Christopher J. Cramer, PhD
Vice President for Research, Distinguished McKnight University Professor
External Link (chem.umn.edu)
Donald G. Truhlar. PhD
Regents Professor
External Link (chem.umn.edu)

Universal Solvation Model Based on Solute Electron Density and on a Continuum Model of the Solvent Defined by the Bulk Dielectric Constant and Atomic Surface Tensions
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113, 6378–6396 (2009)
Generalized Born Solvation Model SM12
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 9, 609-620 (2013)
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Minnesota Solvation (MNSOL™) Database - Commercial License

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