HerdIn:Form(er): Mobile Questionnaire for Livestock Epidemiology Research (20150194, Dr. Andres Perez)

Technology No. 20150194

Livestock Epidemiology Questionnaire

HerdIn:Form(er) is a web based mobile questionnaire developed for collecting epidemiological information on livestock in the field. HerdIn:Form(er) data is temporarily stored by a mobile device and can be submitted to another system for analysis. The questions and code can be easily adapted to collect the appropriate information for the disease that will be modeled.

Animal Disease Modeling

This tool is used in the field for collecting and storing data that will be used in epidemiological and economic mathematical models of disease spread. The application has been used to collect data for the modeling of foot and mouth disease, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and viral hemorrhagic septicemia.


  • Mobile
  • Easy to Use
  • Configurable

Phase of Development - License available for non-profit research with inventor consent.

System requirements are:

  • Android 4.0+ for the apk with 256MB+ RAM or more and 25MB free space
  • Windows XP+ for exe with 256MB+ RAM and 50MB free space on the hard drive
  • Flash plugin v10+ and an internet connection, for the web version (swf & html)
  • Mac OSX 10.6+ with 512MB+ RAM, Adobe Air installed, and 50MB free space (for the .air on Mac)

Development of this application was funded in part by the MnDrive program.

Andres Perez, PhD, DVM
Associate Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine
External Link (www.cvm.umn.edu)
Gabe Al-Ghalith
Software Developer

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HerdIn:Form(er) Non-profit Research License

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