University Compliance Program Workbook

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University Compliance Issues

Universities across the nation face many of the same issues with increased governmental oversight, greater public scrutiny, and higher expectations for demonstrating accountability. The University Compliance Workbook helps develop a program to ensure complete compliance with laws. With so many different aspects of laws, policies, and different rules, compliance at every level of the law is difficult to manage. Many institutions have compliance breakdowns that can and often do result in detrimental, long-lasting effects. This technology allows universities to develop, maintain, and document a model compliance program for specific areas of responsibility.

Workbook Increases Compliance with Laws and Rules

The compliance workbook lays out a “matrix-based” method to frame the groundwork for universities to build their own compliance program. This tool is not only made to create new programs but also works to improve processes for existing programs. The workbook addresses three different stages: risk identification and assessment, roles and responsibilities, and internal controls. Each section helps to develop a program that will effectively manage compliance issues from beginning to end. The compliance workbook helps universities to adapt the guidelines to their individual needs, to reduce and potentially eliminate compliance issues.


  • Allows universities to develop, maintain, and expand compliance program
  • Benefits both developing a compliance program as well as maintaining and established program
  • “Matrix-based” program method allows specification of individuals needs according to university
  • Helps to reduce compliance issues for multiple areas of interest

Product Details A workbook that lays out the framework for universities to develop their own compliance programs within specific areas of interest.

Phase of Development Workbook is fully developed and in use.

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