Hay Prices per Ton Calculator App (20130300, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

Technology No. 20130300

Hay Price Calculator for Hay Buyers

The Hay Price Calculator App for iPhones, iPods and iPads calculates hay prices per ton of hay based on type of hay, bale weight and price of a bale. Many horse owners and hobby farmers purchase hay by the bale when in reality it is more economical to compare different hay types and base the price on tonnage. Hay buyers can calculate the price per ton of different types of hay and see price comparisons of small-square, large-round, and large-square bales. The customer selects the specific type of hay they are looking for and then enters the bale weight and price per bale and the Hay Price Calculator App calculates the price per ton.

Features and Benefits of Hay Price Calculator:

  • Provides more economical way to purchase hay
  • Gives price comparisons of different types of hay
  • Very user-friendly
  • Fills gap in the market for buying hay
  • App is available for Apple and Android devices
  • Visit iTunes or Google Play to download your app

Krishona L. Martinson, PhD, Associate Professor
External Link (www.ansci.umn.edu)

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