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Erickson Lab: Cutaneous Imaging Research

The Ericson Lab at the University of Minnesota has been examining, imaging and quantifying biomarkers in skin and other organs using laser scanning microscopy and three-dimensional analysis since 1996. The lab has successfully administered and secured funding for several collaborative projects (including staffing, research protections, budgets and experimental plans) and produced several peer-reviewed publications from each project.

Hallmarks of collaboration and innovation have allowed the Ericson Lab to:

  • understand and treat cancer pain
  • identify molecular targets of phytochemicals and understand the role of the peripheral nervous system in skin and hair biology
  • recognize the implications of Bartonellosis, a pathogen causing unprecedented health issues worldwide due to its stealth nature

Available Hair Follicle Images

The Ericson Lab has the following images available for licensing to be used in marketing materials or for displaying:

  • Nerves, vessels and neuropeptides in and around the stem cell region of a human scalp anagen hair follicle. License this image.
  • Vascular 3-d network of the bulb region of an actively-growing anagen human scalp hair follicle. License this image.
  • Stockade of nerves surround the bulge region of human scalp hair follicle from male patient with androgenetic alopecia. License this image.
  • Melanocytes and nerves of a human anagen scalp hair follicle.  License this image.

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

Imaging technologies such as laser scanning confocal microscopy provide invaluable tools for developing and validating phytochemical-derived drug discovery and parsing out the molecular mechanisms by which these natural compounds can modulate distinct target proteins involved in oncogenic signaling. Such microscopy uses multiple biomarkers that provide unprecedented imaging information on pathophysiology, localization, and co-localization of target structures and signaling components.

Marna Ericson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dermatology, University of Minnesota Medical School
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Maria K. Hordinsky, MD
Professor, Dermatology, University of Minnesota Medical School
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