CoreSHIELD: Secure Communication for Collaboration and Information Sharing (20120080, Dr. Amy Kircher)

Technology No. 20120080

Share Information with Professional Counterparts

CoreSHIELD is an online collaboration and information sharing tool that allows professionals to identify and securely communicate with their counterparts in similar positions in other organizations, anywhere in the nation. Users maintain detailed profiles identifying their roles, making it easy to search for and connect with functional counterparts despite geographic, organizational or cultural hurdles. Separate, secure portals – for both public and private sectors – allow appropriate access for different communities of interest (e.g., food safety, animal health, laboratory networks). CoreSHIELD’s versatile platform also provides document sharing and project management capabilities, online meeting rooms for webinars with recording and archiving capabilities, workgroup setup, personalized portals, a secure mail network, online directories and an e-Learning hub.

Safe Virtual Community

Originally designed for public health, homeland security and critical infrastructure protection, CoreSHIELD can benefit nearly any organization in building virtual communities in which to share information and collaborate within or across organizations. Collaboration within and across organizations, especially those in public health and national infrastructure, can be critical, but identifying members of the broad community as well as specific interest groups can be challenging. Individuals within organizations find it difficult to effectively communicate and collaborate with other individuals in similar areas of interest due to the lack of a tool to connect them geographically, organizationally and culturally. The CoreSHIELD system makes it easy to form these connections, and is already being used by the Food Emergency Response Network, Multi-State Partnership for Security in Agriculture, and National Animal Health Laboratory Network.


  • Secure communications
  • Encourages inter-organizational collaboration
  • Unites public and private information contributors
  • Easy identification of professional counterparts across organizations

Phase of Development - Beta Application

Amy Kircher, DrPH
Director, Food Protection and Defense Institute
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Craig Hedberg, PhD
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
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