Social Acuity Game (SAGA) for ASD children (20180167)

Bon App French Pronunciation App (20180165)

MNSight App for Landscape and Geological Data (20180150)

5G Tracker Android application for collecting and visualizing 5G performance data (2020-287)

An Android and web application to track 5G network performance.

1 licensing option
Elderly Mortality After Trauma (EMAT) score

A validated scoring method for predicting mortality after trauma in elderly patients at admission.

Minneapolis Institute of Art “Riddle Mia This” App

iTorsion - Smartphone App for Ocular Torsion Diagnosis

MyStrengths MyHealth™

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Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal (MAPS) System

An integrated assistive system to support wayfinding and situational awareness in urban environments for people with vision impairment.

3D Shoulder Motion Measurement System

Measure Scapula Angles with Smartphone Device (20150270, Dr. Paula Ludewig)

HerdIn:Form(er): Mobile Questionnaire for Livestock Epidemiology Research (20150194, Dr. Andres Perez)

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Daynamica: Travel Survey App (20150024, Dr. Yingling Fan)

Incident Command System Simulation (20140246)

EMT and Emergency Responder Self-care App (20140245, Dr. Debra Olson)

Psychological First Aid Tutorial For iPhone and Android (20140244, Dr. Debra Olson)

Intramural Sports App (20140131, Dr. Zigang Dong)

Wellscapes Stress Relief App (20130318)

Hay Prices per Ton Calculator App (20130300, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

Healthy Horse App Calculates Weight (20130294, Dr. Krishona Martinson)

German Language iPad App (20130195, Dr. Pete Willemsen)

Interactive Neuroscience Educational Game (20130135, Dr. Janet Dubinsky)