MNSight App for Landscape and Geological Data (20180150)

5G Tracker Android application for collecting and visualizing 5G performance data (2020-287)

An Android and web application to track 5G network performance.

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Opioid and Analgesic Chemical Compound Library (z09208)

MovieLens Database

Three Dimensional Dental Anatomy Software Program for Dentistry Students

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Human Brain Anatomy Software for Interactive Neuroanatomy Study

Histology Software Atlas for Anatomy and Cell Biology Study

Computer-based Histology Atlas for Human Anatomy and Cell Study

Nutrition Data System for Research – Nutritional Analysis Software

Food and Nutrient Database for Application Development and Nutrition Research

Assessing the Risk of Repeated Hospital Admission for Elderly Patients (97145)

FINPACK® Financial Software for Agricultural and Farm Management

FINPACK® is the credit analysis solution that can help lenders work smarter and serve customers better.

Minnesota Solvation (MNSOL) Database

An extensive and vetted database of free energies of solvation.

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HUMBI dataset - high resolution multiview images of human body expressions

A large multiview dataset of human body expressions from a diverse population.

Exact-repair regenerating codes for distributed storage system

A novel framework for exact-repair regenerating codes that can optimally trade between storage and repair bandwidth in distributed storage systems.

Emission Factors Analysis

Spatial Hadoop: Spatial Data Analysis Extension for Apache Hadoop (20150081, Dr. Mokbel)

RecDB: Recommendation System (20140120, Dr. Mohammed Mokbel)

Weigh In Motion Data Conversion and Analysis Tool (20130326, Dr. Taek Kwon)

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Supply Chain Spatial Analysis Software (20130206)

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University Class Schedule Generator: Chronos (20130012)

Thermodynamic Database Population Software (DBCreate) (20120324, Dr. Martin Saar)

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Imputation of Missing Data in Multidimensional Retail Data Sets (20110121, Dr. Arindam Banerjee)

Digital Pathology Virtual Microscope Slides with Online Database (20110025, Dr. Stephen Wiesner)

The Digital Pathology Virtual Microscope Slides allow medical students and allied health professionals to access hematology, body fluids, bacteriology and parasitology microscope slides through an online database for distance learning and enhanced curriculum delivery.

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Digital Pathology Quantitative Immunohistochemistry Software

Digital Pathology Quantitative Immunohistochemistry Software

Sarcoma miRNA Expression Database for Cancer Treatment