Wearable laryngeal vibration system for Spasmodic Dysphonia (20170400)

A non-invasive neuromodulation device and method for the treatment of spasmodic dysphonia.

Circulating tumor biomarkers for meningiomas (2020-164)

A biomarker panel for early diagnosis of meningiomas with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) to Treat Glioblastoma (20180080)

A device and method for treating tumors using optimized electromagnetic signals.

A novel small molecule screening platform for tauopathies (2019-123)

FRET-based biosensors that identify early toxic states of tau for use in basic research and clinical development of therapeutics for tauopathies including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Machine learning algorithm for 3D particle field reconstruction

A machine learning algorithm for accurately reconstructing 3D particle fields.

Dental stem cells to treat spinal cord injury

A method of treating nervous tissue damage using dental pulp stem cells that leads to neuro-regeneration with a high safety profile and low probability of patient rejection.

3D printed bionic skull for multimodal neural sensing

Unique small molecule modulators of GPCRs

Novel small molecules that bind and modulate G-protein coupled receptors (specifically Sigma 1 and 5-HT7) for therapeutic development.

Enhanced Brain Structural Connectivity Mapping

Non-invasive Neuromodulation for Reversible Modulation of Neural Activity

A method for targeted modulation of neural activity using transcranial low intensity focused ultrasound.

Directional Coordinated Reset Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) (20180061)

Scan-Specific Machine Learning Reconstruction for MRI

Augmented non-invasive hearing system

Sliding Windowed Infinite Fourier Transform (SWIFT)

Tau-targeting Peptides Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

Tunable Neural Electrodes for MRI-Compatible Brain Signal Recordings

Large 3D Printed Skull Window for Neuroscience Research

Conformable Dual-mode Ultrasound Transducers for Neuromodulation

Magnetization Transfer Contrast Preparation

Particle Swarm Optimization for Programming Neuromodulation Systems

Multi-modal Neuromodulation Therapy Promotes Sleep

High-voltage, Fully-integrated, High-density Microstimulator with Charge Balancing

Neural Recording under Electrical Microstimulation

Novel inhibitors of HINT1 to treat neuropathic pain and addiction

Small-molecule inhibitors of hHint1 (and their synthesis) for use in basic CNS research and treatment of neuropathic pain and addiction.

Noninvasive Early Alzheimer’s Detection Imaging System

Neuromodulator for Simultaneous Stimulation and Signal Reception

Multimodal Synchronization, Sound & Electrical Stimulation, Hearing Aid (mSync-hEAR)

Deep Brain Stimulation Using Magnetic Brain Array (20150177, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Improved Deep Brain Stimulation Target Selectivity (20150170, Dr. Shalom Michaeli)

Deep Brain Stimulation Settings Optimization Algorithm (20150160, Dr. Matthew Johnson)

Acousto-electromagnetic Imaging of the Brain (20150126, Dr. Bin He)

Therapeutic compound for chronic inflammatory pain without dependence or tolerance (20140357, Dr. Philip Portoghese)

An analgesic compound without side effects that relieves chronic pain associated with arthritis, sickle cell disease, chemotherapy, AIDs and inflammation.

Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography (20130259, Dr. Bin He)

Multislice Multiband Excitation with Parallel Transmission for B1 Homogenization and Power Reduction (20130170)

Synchronized Multi-Modal Tinnitus Therapy (20120070, Dr. Hubert Lim)

A non-invasive or minimally-invasive method for the suppression of tinnitus using synchronized brain stimulation.