Target for Acaricides and Cattle Tick Vaccines

Technology No. z00105

Targets for Acaricides and Boophilus microplus Vaccines

This tick cell line includes proteins and genes that are new targets for acaricides and vaccines for the control of the cattle tick Boophilus microplus. The tick Boophilus microplus causes heavy losses of cattle worldwide. This line stems from embryos of B. microplus and is continuously grown in a tissue culture medium (L15B). This is a normal diploid cell line having 22 (female cells) or 21 (male cells) chromosomes. It has not been cloned, transformed or transfected. These ticks elaborate a number of proteins that are of pharmaceutical and biotechnological interest, including proteins that protect ticks from the host immune response, those that are targets for acaricides, and those that are potential vaccinogens.

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