Ritonavir Analog with Anticancer Activity

Technology No. z08020
IP Status: Issued US Patent; Application #: 12/867,845

Exhibits Anticancer Activity in Cancer Models with a Lower IC50

The desthiazolyl ritonavir, a derivative of the HIV protease inhibitor Ritonavir, down regulates tumor AKT activity. AKT is a protein kinase that is important in cellular metabolism, apoptosis, cancer cell proliferation, transcription and migration. With this derivative showing inhibitory effectiveness on AKT, the tumor cell function will deteriorate and the tumor will be compromised. These molecules offer a mechanism with a lower IC50 than competitors. The primary applications that have been studied with this molecule are breast and lung xenografts.

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Treating Cancer More Effectively

More effective cancer treatments with mechanisms to overcome drug resistance and lower toxic side effects are needed. Drug candidates of interest must show superior anticancer activity while being effective at equal or lower dosages. The desthiazolyl ritonavir molecules can achieve these types of results in multiple cancer models.


  • Desthiazolvl ritonavir, a derivative of the HIV protease inhibitor, exhibits anticancer activity by disrupting the function of tumor cells
  • Desthiazolyl ritonavir down-regulates protein kinase AKT activity in cancer cells
  • Treatment mechanism and lower IC50 than competing treatments

Researchers: Treating Cancer with Desthiazolyl Ritonavir
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