Reverse Plug Cytometer for Cell Tracking

Technology No. z07102
IP Status: Issued US Patent; Application #: 12/102,851

Reverse Plug Cytometer Enables Single Cell Tracking

The Reverse Plug Cytometer combines the positive features of traditional flow cytometers, laser scanning, and imaging cytometers. Specifically, the device enables single cell tracking of large numbers of cells. This creates a valuable tool for unique cell population studies that currently are not feasible. It has utility in the following applications: characterization and isolation of desired cell strains, testing how specific drugs affect cells that are in specific growth states or positions in the cell cycle.

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  • Trial period: 12 to 18 months. $5000/6 months.
  • Fee waived if MN-based company or if sponsoring $50,000+ in research.
  • Exclusive license for a $40,000 conversion payment
  • No patent costs due
  • 3% royalty after $1 million of product sales
  • Discount for MN companies

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