Catheter System with Guidewire Compartmentalization (20150223, Dr. Rumi Faizer)

Technology No. 20150223
IP Status: Issued US Patent; Application #: 15/412,501

Cannulation with Multiple Guidewires

A new catheter design allows for easy cannulation of multiple vascular branches at the same time. The system consists of a delivery sheath with an endovascular separator that keeps multiple wires separated. By preventing the wires from wrapping around each other, the device promotes atraumatic treatment of aortic diseases. Placed on a central shaft, four to six dividers—which can widen or narrow according to lumen size—permit simultaneous movement of endograft or stent graft branches.

Prevents Guidewire Entanglement

Some endovascular procedures require simultaneous insertion of guidewires into multiple vascular branches, but multiple wires can become entwined. No current technology addresses the need to keep wires separated, but this device accomplishes that goal. The endovascular compartmentalizer in this device prevents wire entwinement and allows delivery of a branched endograft over multiple wires, each of which cannulates a separate aortic branch.


  • Endovascular separator with four to six dividers on a central shaft
  • Prevents wire wrapping/entwinement
  • Atraumatic treatment of aortic disease
  • Insertion of branched endograft over multiple wires


  • Branched endograft or stent graft insertion
  • Aortic disease
  • Atraumatic treatments

Phase of Development Prototype

Rumi Faizer, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
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