Beginning German Language Learning Tool

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Wende Web-based German Language Learning Tool

Wende is a "Beginning German" college curriculum that consists of a textbook, a corresponding workbook and culturally relevant, web-based, interactive, learning activities. These materials are integrated to help students learning german to gain listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills, while the content familiarizes them with contemporary German culture.

Informed by current research in Second Language Acquisition and foreign language education, the German language curriculum's design recognizes that students need to build broad language proficiency skills. Wende incorporates practice of language learning strategies so that students have the confidence to use German independently. For teachers, Wende offers both a classroom-friendly presentation of content and an extensive technology complement that supports innovative, student-centered instructional practices.


  • Web-based, interactive, content eliminates the need for CD-ROMs
  • Provides extensive and far reaching interactive-learning material to facilitate students' comprehension of beginning language skills
  • Culturally relevant information engages students
  • Low cost makes Wende Online an inexpensive alternative to other beginning German curricula

The Wende curriculum is now managed through the 49er bookstore at California State University - Long Beach. Please direct your inquiries to Professor Jeffrey High.

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