Advance Ergonomic Desk

A fully electric standing desk that is optimized for improved ergonomics, mobility, and collaboration needs of home office users.
Technology No. 2019-340
IP Status: Provisional Patent Application Filed; Application #: 63/057,420


  • Office / home office furniture

Key Benefits & Differentiators

  • Fully electric design with integrated battery and controls
  • Modular architecture: easy to scale up or down the overall design
  • Height and tilt adjustment for optimal posture adjustments
  • Cord-free, easy cable management, and no extension wire needed
  • Self sustainable design with solar integration (option)
  • Fail safe design, safe operation, and improved stability design features
  • Customization capabilities to optimize for various users’ needs
  • Self-aligning features for interchangeability, installation, and maintenance


The projected market size of the Desks & Table segment of the Office Furniture market in 2025 is set to be $3-4 billion in the US alone. Increased awareness towards negative effects of a sedentary work environment has fueled the adaptation of standing desks. While standing desks have created a sizable improvement in user health and work-satisfaction, currently available models have several drawbacks: heavy, not portable, requiring power source, minimal customization. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a portable, fully electric standing desk that is optimized for improved ergonomics, mobility, and collaboration needs of home office users and various other applications. The cord-free design of this desk enables user mobility - users can walk over to a colleague without leaving their workstation. With integrated robotics, users can wirelessly control, and even summon the desk. Integrated advanced technologies improves productivity, flexibility, convenience, and collaboration.

Phase of Development

TRL: 5-6
Prototypes developed and tested.

Amrit Supriya
Trung Ha
Shrikant Kotwad
Paul Hansen

Desired Partnerships

This technology is now available for:

  • License
  • Sponsored research
  • Co-development

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