Gender Affirmative Lifespan Approach (GALA™)

Technology No. 20170216

Gender Identity Exploration

The Gender Affirmative Lifespan Approach (GALA™) team has developed a set of measures to assist clinicians and researchers in exploring aspects of healthy gender identity. The measures are adapted from existing protocols but have been revised to reflect the core principles of GALA; this includes the underlying philosophical values of being trans affirmative, intersectional, interdisciplinary, transparent, and relevant across the lifespan, and are targeted to address the core components of gender literacy, beyond the binary, pleasure-based positive sexuality, resiliency to stigma, and medical connections. Measures to specifically address the components of "medical connections" and "gender literacy" are still being developed.

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The cover pages to the measures including an overview of what they are and what they measure, up to data citations, and citations for the original measure from which the adaptations came:

  • Adult measures

  • Adolescent measures

    For more information visit the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health.

    Phase of Development – Available for use. GALA may be used by researchers, instructors and students but a license from the University of Minnesota is required. Please click on the license link on the right side of this page to complete the license and download the GALA documents.


The NCGSH consists of an interdisciplinary team of community members, staff, faculty, volunteers, and advocates seeking to improve the quality of health care for transgender, gender diverse, and gender expansive individuals. If you would like to be connected with a particular person or research interest area, please email us at:

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