Account Reporting Tool for Completing Financial Reports

Technology No. z08050

Provides Missing Data for Financial Reports

The Account Reporting Tool is a software package that aids users in the creation of financial reports by allowing users to fill in the holes left by central data systems. Data is taken from the financial, payroll, and human resources departments in the University’s data warehouse and is added where data is missing. It then can be entered in by the individual user to prepare their financial reports. Data holes in a large university are so numerous that users within the university develop and maintain their own supplemental systems as opposed to using the central data system. The Account Reporting Tool gives those users a single software tool to aid in their preparation of financial reports and streamlines the process, effectively saving time and effort.

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Compatible with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Other systems such as PeopleSoft Campus Solutions do not give as much freedom to the individual user. The Account Reporting Tool allows users the capability of including data that has not been entered in the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system in their financial reports. Some missing data in the central data system could be filled by the central system but other items are the result of business process designs that are unlikely to be changed. While giving users the ability of entering in their own data does bring about some risk in accuracy, over a hundred users conclude that the risk brought about by the Account Reporting Tool is a smaller risk of inaccuracy when compared to the reports generated by the central data systems.


  • Users can fill in data holes left by central data systems
  • Data is compiled from different sources into one
  • Streamlines entire process of creating financial reports
  • Allows for more freedom than other systems

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