Two-step coating method for improved high temperature filtration

A method to create nano-scale membrane coated porous ceramic filtration material to dramatically improve both initial filtration efficiency and soot loading behavior of conventional DPFs/GPFs and filters used in other high temperature applications.

SHE-CRAM: Computational Random Access Memory (CRAM) based on Spin Hall Effect (20180422)

Ultra-smooth Patterned Metal Films for Plasmonics

Ultra-smooth Patterned Metal Films for Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Plasma Synthesis of Nanocrystals

Nanoparticles Functionalized with Organic Molecules

Programmable Self-assembly Method for Nanocomponents and Microcomponents

Aerodynamic Lenses Optimized For Nanoparticles

Directed Self-Assembly, Reconfigurable Manufacturing for Microsystems

High-Yield Plasma Synthesis of Luminescent Silicon Nanocrystals

Micro Fabrication Using High Resolution Xerographic Printer

Ultra-thin Film Characterization Using Tunneling Ellipsometry

Spray Pyrolysis Fabrication of Nanoporous Material

Radial Symmetry Ellipsometer

Improving photovoltaic cell efficiency by employing highly stable, earth-abundant nanoparticle system

A novel nanomaterial for applications involving photon upconversion.

Hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM memory devices (2020-102, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Designs of hybrid charge trap transistor-MRAM devices for ultra-high-density non-volatile memory.

Patterned organic semiconductor layer for increased efficiency in OLEDs

A simple method to create a single-component diffraction grating using organic semiconductors for the improvement of outcoupling efficiency in OLEDs.

3D printing on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Electric-field switching of perpendicular MTJs

A magnetic semiconductor device design that allows for switching magnetization without an external field.

Nanowire Based Closed Ring Resonators with Extremely High Quality Factors

3D Printed Stretchable Tactile Sensors with Electronic Ink

3D Microscale Isotropic Metamaterials

Graphene Based 3D Nanotubes and Nanochannel Sensors

Tunable Neural Electrodes for MRI-Compatible Brain Signal Recordings

Spintronic Thermal Sensor (20170082, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Direct Synthesis of High Aspect Ratio Zeolite Nanosheets

Fast Magnetoelectric Device Based on Current-driven Domain Wall Propagation (20160364, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Warming of Cryopreserved Biomaterials using Laser Assisted Gold Nanorods

Vertical Semiconductor Nanowires on Metal Substrate

Nanowire Based Split Ring Resonator

Zeolite Nanosheets with Open Pores

Ultra High Density Integrated Composite Capacitor Design for CMOS

Graphene Formaldehyde Sensor (20150354, Dr. Tianhong Cui)

Selenium Nanoparticles Synthesis (20150326, Dr. Abdennour Abbas)

Mercury Removal Sponge (20150326, Dr. Abdennour Abbas)

Dental Mercury Capture Device (20150218, Dr. Sandra Myers)

Spintronic Analog-to-Digital Convertor (ADC) (20140257, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

Mesoporous Silica-coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticle (20140249, Dr. Christy Haynes)

Energy Efficient Spin Logic with Larger Output Voltage (20140235, Dr. Jian-Ping Wang)

ssDNA Amphiphile Self-Assembly Forms DNA Nanotubes (20140227, Dr. Efie Kokkoli)

Electromigration on Signal Interconnects (20140089, Dr. Sachin Sapatnekar)

Ultra-low Power Carbon Nanotube Logic Circuits (20140082, Dr. Chris Hyungil Kim)

Nanoparticles Made of Ultra-Porous Silica (20140012, Dr. Christy Haynes)

Nanotechnology Fabrication of Nanogaps Metal Films (20130266, Dr. Sang Hyun Oh)

Ultra-Smooth, Ultra-Sharp Gold Pyramid Probe Tips for Near-Field Imaging Applications (20130145, Dr. Sang-Hyun Oh)

Cryopreservation Thawing with Radiofrequency (RF) Heated Magnetic Nanoparticles (20130131, Dr. John Bischof)

Polyhydroxyalkanoates Blended with Graphene Nanocomposites (20130048, Dr. Srienc)

Liquid-Phase Deposition of Silicon Nanocrystal Films (20120201, Dr. Uwe Kortshagen)

Particle Morphology Measurement (20100247)

Nanoporous Polymer Membrane Fabrication (20100133, Dr. Marc Hillmyer)

Nanoparticle Synthesis System Enables High Deposition Rate