Wheat Variety Selection Tool for Wheat Farming (20140006, Dr. Jochum Wiersma)

Technology No. 20140006

Provides Data on Local Crop Yields

The challenge many small grains farmers face is not having adequate information about crop yields in their local area, but this technology allows these farmers to access yield performance of their surrounding area. Knowing local crop yields helps wheat farmers in making educated decisions in their seed production along with selling and consultation. Other web-based and interactive applications do not provide the statistical analyses that this technology does. The Wheat Variety Selection Tool has the advantage over other similar technologies in how it provides data within the area of inference that small grains farmers can specify while not being restricted to geo-political boundaries.

Enhanced Wheat Farming Information

Users create their own area of inference to receive information pertinent to their surrounding area. This allows for meaningful comparison using statistical analyses to aid in the selection of wheat varieties. The Wheat Variety Selection Tool uses zip codes to present a table of average crop yields over the course of three years. By using three year increments, as opposed to just the current year, the effect of outliers is reduced. This system enhances the information for wheat farming regarding production, selling, and consultation.


  • Provides wheat crop yield performance of surrounding area
  • Provides statistical analyses that is not available with other applications
  • Uses zip codes to set an area of inference to target specific data

Jochum Wiersma, PhD
Professor, Extension Agronomist, Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics
External Link (agronomy.cfans.umn.edu)
Joel Ransom

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