University Class Schedule Generator: Chronos (20130012)

Technology No. 20130012

Class Schedule Generator for University Students and Academic Advising

Chronos is a course scheduler that integrates with enterprise information systems such as PeopleSoft and is intended to be used by university students and academic advisors. This technology gives students the means to effectively find university courses and produce a class schedule following the students’ preferences. The system allows students to input their desired university courses and produces a set of schedules optimized around student time constraints, static/wildcard course specifications, and specified schedule prioritization preferences. For the academic advisor, it reduces the time that each advisor has to spend with students handling schedule discrepancies or trouble with fitting in classes. All of this is done while following institution-provided guidelines, thus avoiding potentially problematic situations that could arise from using non-university aligned systems such as Schedulizer and CourseRank.

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University Course Scheduler Integrates with PeopleSoft

Chronos is built to integrate with enterprise information systems such as PeopleSoft. This is done in real time giving users an up-to-date list of university course information and specifications. The course scheduler system was built as an engine allowing other universities the ability to build their own user interface “on top” of the existing Chronos interface. They are also able to integrate it directly into other student services tools or use a client institution-themed version of the “in the box” user interface. The class schedule generator is also exceptionally fast and capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous requests without any form of slowdown. Chronos is the only system that can coordinate and align the individual class schedule priorities of the student with those of the university, maximizing the advantage to both.


  • Integrates with enterprise information systems such as PeopleSoft
  • Allow students to generate class schedules using their time constraints and preferences
  • Reduces time spent by staff on academic advising
Colin Delong
Coordinator of Technology and Analysis, Office of Application Development

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