Student Athlete Academic Eligibility System (20130151, Dr. Joe Goggins)

Technology No. 20130151

Academic Performance for Athletic Eligibility

The Student Athlete Academic Eligibility System (SAAES) tracks and projects athletes’ academic performance with a more streamlined and automated approach. Universities are required to track each athlete’s academic performance in order to ensure compliance with academic standards of the NCAA. The Student Athlete Academic Eligibility System performs that task while saving thousands of hours of administrative time and reducing human error. Current methods for tracking athlete academic performance rely on manual efforts to track and assemble athlete academic performance information.

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Ensure Athletic Compliance

The Student Athlete Academic Eligibility System automates complex calculations via a custom Ruby on Rails web application. The system aids in tracking academic performance, provides an audit trail for athletic eligibility decisions, facilitates communication between various eligibility stakeholders including athletic compliance, athletic advisors, and collegiate advisors. Complex spreadsheets needed to record performance are eliminated and are replaced with this automated system. SAAES automates the process through the use of data from PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and the DARwin degree audit system to synchronize and combine information.


  • Replaces the need for complex spreadsheets
  • Reduces the risk of human error in calculations
  • Cuts down on thousands of man hours for each institution annually
  • Automates process of tracking and projection academic performance
  • Custom Ruby on Rail application synchronizes data

Joe Goggins
Office of Information Technology

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