Shapewear Improves Posture (20150007, Dr. Karen LaBat)

Technology No. 20150007

Shapewear Design Features Flexible Bands

Modifying existing shapewear by adding soft, structural support bands along the back provides comfortable yet effective postural improvement. While most shapewear currently available offers little posture support, the proposed product features flexible bands inserted in various configurations along the back. These bands provide better posture support for spine and shoulder alignment and a more balanced center of gravity while smoothing and shaping the body’s mid-torso. In another version of the invention, a separate panty also has a support band that offers additional support of the waist, abdomen and low back.

Comfortable and Flexible

Women wear shapewear products to achieve a slimmer, smoother and firmer appearance, yet these products do little for improving posture. Good posture also contributes to body appearance, and it can increase one’s feeling of well-being and may even offer health benefits. While posture correctors and back supporters improve posture, their higher pressure and rigid materials can stress the skin and limit mobility, making them very uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis. Modifying existing, more comfortable shapewear to offer posture support can provide a more comfortable option for firming and shaping as well as improving posture and enhancing body image.


  • Flexible support bands across the back provide postural and body shape improvement
  • Different configurations of the bands offer support for different areas of the back and spine
  • Soft structural and stretchable materials increase comfort, which may increase usage
  • Offers a psychological boost from a slimmer, smoother body shape as well as a taller, more balanced posture
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Easy to combine with existing shapewear garment designs

Phase of Development Prototype developed

Karen LaBat, PhD
Professor, Design, Housing, and Apparel, College of Design
External Link (
Saemee Lyu
Doctoral Candidate, Design, Housing, and Apparel, College of Design

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