Sensory Processing for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (20140290, Dr. Judith Reisman)

Technology No. 20140290

Sensory Processing and Learning Disabilities Strategies

The Learning About Learning Disabilities video was developed to educate teachers, parents and others about sensory processing difficulties in children and adults with learning disabilities. It can often be very difficult for those dealing with individuals with learning disorders and this video helps to offer information regarding the different aspects of the disorders. Individuals with sensory processing disorders can often be uncoordinated, have trouble identifying where their limbs are in space, and other symptoms. With this video, parents and teachers are able to identify and help individuals with these different symptoms.


  • Offers an introduction to practical information about sensory processing disorders
  • Educates and informs parents on strategies for addressing sensory concerns
  • Suitable for educating teachers, special educators, occupational therapists and other professionals

Single copies of the video on DVD may be purchased from the Center for Allied Health Programs Website.

Judith Reisman, PhD, OTR/L
Associate Professor Emeritus, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Nancy Scott

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