Incident Command System Simulation (20140246)

Technology No. 20140246

ICS Simulation App

An iPad application, Global Outbreak, has been developed that simulates how a health department might implement the federal government’s Incident Command System (ICS) during an outbreak response. The simulation aims to illustrate a Department Operations Center coming to life and increase the likelihood the user will be able to perform well in a real response. It presents the user with the most likely decisions the Operations, Planning, and Logistics Chiefs would need to make using some of the criteria that is used to make those decisions.

Incident Command System

ICS is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazards incident management procedure developed and maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is a system for delineating titles and tasks to federal, state, tribal, and local governments when one of these jurisdictions faces an emergency crisis. Due to the hectic, infrequent nature of these situations, there exists a need to practice and hone the skills required when implementing an ICS.


  • Simulates an ICS implementation with visuals and real-time experience
  • Monitors stress levels, time constraints, task checklists, ICS roster, and other critical logistics.
  • Post-test certificate system
Amy Scheller
Assistant Education Coordinator with the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center

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