Immunosuppression Augmented by CD200 Derived Peptide (20130229, Dr. Michael Olin)

Technology No. 20130229

T-cells Affected by Immunosuppressants

Although there have been advances in cancer research in the past few decades, many cancers still lack adequate forms of treatment. In certain types of cancers, this is due to the ability of tumors to produce immunosuppressive factors that prevent T cells from recognizing a threat to the body and responding. The cancer is able to escape the immune system and spread unchecked, making the immune suppression capability of the tumor an important facet of tumor progression. CD200 has been found to be an immune suppresssive molecule that enhances inhibition of leukocytes in tumor microenvironments. Higher expression of CD200 has been shown to correlate to malignancies, making the inhibition of such molecules a necessary area of research. In order to combat glioblastoma and similar cancers that hinder the body’s ability to activate T-cells, the immune suppressive factors produced by the tumor must be reversed.

CD200 Inhibitor can Overcome Immune Checkpoint Blockade

A combination CD200 inhibitor plus adjuvant has been developed that is capable of overcoming a checkpoint blockade, resulting in enhanced immune activity against the tumor. This combination therapeutic is part of a cancer vaccine aimed at improving treatment in humans and animals. This therapeutic is an exciting and revolutionary opportunity for advancement in cancer treatments.


  • Reverses immune suppressive capabilities of cancer cells
  • Can be prepared with various vaccines to increase their efficacy
  • Small peptide can be scaled for large production
  • invivo data in breast and brain cancer models in mice and dogs

Phase of Development Proof of concept

Michael Olin, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, University of Minnesota
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