Histology Software Atlas for Anatomy and Cell Biology Study

Computer-based Histology Atlas for Human Anatomy and Cell Study
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Histology Atlas with 5000 Color Images and Instructional Explanations

Histology is the study of the structure and function of the cells, tissue and organs of the human anatomy as viewed through a microscope. The Histology Time software helps students learn anatomy and cell biology through a computer-based histology atlas of cells, tissues, and organs. The database contains more than 5,000 light microscope images organized into nineteen chapters covering cytology, tissue types, and organ systems. Each chapter has a series of histology, descriptions and explanations in an instructive format, and practice questions combined with instructions and self-testing modes. With more than 5,000 images, Histology Time is far ahead of the many other histology databases now available, most of which contain around 1,000 images. This atlas is access using a web browser and brings the histology laboratory into the students' home environment. It is a very useful supplement to medical or general histology courses.

Learning Modes of the Histology Atlas for Anatomy and Cell Biology Study

Within each chapter, a series of histological images is available for study in one of four modes:

  • MicroLab, with descriptions and explanations of images in instructive format
  • Quiz Time, a series of image-based identification questions
  • Multiple Choice exam, a series of multiple choice questions not based on images
  • K exam, a series of K-type questions also not image based

The practice questions are short, non-vignette type questions that test the student's ability to identify structure or test the student's knowledge of structure-function relationships. Practice questions are delivered in random order each time questions are accessed so no pattern can be detected or inferred. Items can be flagged, and a subset of questions generated for repeated review.


  • More than 5,000 color microscope images are contained in this histology atlas images
  • Instructional and self-testing sections in each chapter
  • Rapid retrieval of images
  • Macintosh and PC versions available

HistoArtTM When Histology Becomes Art

HistoArtTM is a unique combination of the disciplines of histology and art. When viewed through a microscope, the cells, tissues, and organ systems of the body reveal unique patterns and textures that can be digitally captured into visually attractive, colorful, and striking pieces of art. The art serves as a reminder that the body is beautiful. 50% of the net revenues from HistoArtTM support medical education.

Visit the University of Minnesota Duluth Bookstore for more information and online purchase.

Phase of Development A subscription for the Histology Time software and database is available for purchase online from the University of Minnesota Duluth Bookstore.

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