Efficient Flow Blurring Nozzle (20150202, Dr. Alison Hoxie)

Technology No. 20150202

Atomizes Liquids More Efficiently

A unique nozzle design improves upon flow blurring nozzle flow dynamics. The new design features a counterflowing atomization air stream that directs air upward into the liquid stream, breaking the liquid into small droplets as opposed splitting them at the outflow. Counterflowing the gas flow relative to the liquid flow generates a highly unstable velocity profile within the liquid flow column of the nozzle, resulting in rapid atomization, a finer mist and a lower air to liquid ratio. More effective and more efficient that outdated air assist nozzles, the nozzle can be operated in either a constant spray mode or a user-adjustable pulsing/periodic spray mode.

Biofuel Atomization

With its finer mist and more efficient design, the nozzle is suitable for atomizing a variety of different liquids and, in particular, is expected to rapidly atomize viscous liquids such as biofuels, thus providing more efficient and clean combustion of those fuels.


  • Creates a finer mist
  • More efficient; lower air-to-liquid ratio than other nozzles
  • Offers both a constant and pulsing/periodic spray mode; pulse mode frequency is adjustable
  • Likely to atomize heavy biofuels or other viscous liquids for possible use in combustion engines
  • May be used in nebulizers, for spraying fuels or paints or for applying pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.

Phase of Development: Prototype Development. Licensee will receive rights to practice the intellectual property (patent application) for the purposes of developing and manufacturing a commercial product.

Alison Hoxie, PhD
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota - Duluth
External Link (www.d.umn.edu)
Paul Strykowski, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering
External Link (www.me.umn.edu)

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