Delivery System for Precursor Gas in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Technology No. z05074

Fluidized Bed System for Precursor Delivery in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The method for delivering large precursors for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) based on sublimation in a fluidized bed provides more reliable vapor pressure of larger precursor molecules and reduces particle contamination. The fluidized bed consists of either pure precursor or precursor mixed with an inert powder. When operating at a carrier gas flow above the minimum required to fluidize the bed, the system significantly outperforms the current technology such as fixed-bed systems.

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Sublimation of Precursor Gas in the Fluidized Bed

In most CVD processes, the molecular precursor is a gas (e.g. SiH4) or a liquid (e.g. GaMe3) at room temperature. As the size and complexity of the precursor increase, the standard state at ambient conditions is solid. This leads to three problems: first the equilibrium vapor pressure is low; second is the difficulty in maintaining reproducible precursor gas pressure and third is a higher instance of particle contamination. The fluidized bed based system overcomes these issues.


  • Reliable vapor pressure of larger precursor molecules
  • Reduced particle contamination
  • Outperforms fixed-bed systems

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