Cryopreservation Thawing with Radiofrequency (RF) Heated Magnetic Nanoparticles (20130131, Dr. John Bischof)

Technology No. 20130131
IP Status: Pending US Patent; Application #: 14/775,998

Improved Thawing of Cryopreserved Biomaterials

A promising technology uses radiofrequency (RF) excited biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles (mNPs) to safely and uniformly thaw large-volume cryopreserved tissue samples without devitrification, associated ice damage or cryoprotectant toxicity. By evenly distributing mNPs throughout a sample and applying excitation fields (alternating magnetic fields), the mNPs heat up very quickly (hundreds of °C/minute) and can evenly thaw larger biomaterials with less risk of damage to tissue.

Reduces Cryoprotectant Toxicity and Prevents Devitrification Damage

Keeping samples vitrified (in an ice-free, vitreous state) during cooling lessens potential damage from ice crystal formation. However, during thawing problems can arise, such as uneven heating, devitrification (ice crystallization) or cracking of the sample. While smaller samples like cells or thin tissues are less prone to such problems, larger samples are far more susceptible. Using higher-molarity cryoprotectant solutions helps prevent crystallizing during freezing, but as the molarity of such solutions increases, so does the potential toxicity to tissues. This new technology aims to keep tissues viable by uniformly heating samples while also reducing toxicity to them.

BENEFITS AND FEATURES OF Thawing Biomaterials with Radiofrequency (RF) Heated Magnetic Nanoparticles:

  • Minimizes uneven heating, devitrification and cracking
  • Lessens risk of tissue damage from higher-molarity cryoprotectant solutions
  • Rapid heating of nanoparticles
  • Can thaw cryopreserved biomaterials more quickly and uniformly
  • mNPs are nontoxic and break down in the body
  • CT imaging can monitor freeze-thaw phase changes

Phase of Development Proof of Concept

John C. Bischof, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering
External Link (

RF Heating of Magnetic Nanoparticles Improves the Thawing of Cryopreserved Biomaterials
TECHNOLOGY, Volume 02, Issue 03, September 2014
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