Canine Brain MRI Atlas (20130233, Dr. Thomas Fletcher)

Technology No. 20130233

Canine Brain MRI Mapping

The Canine Brain MRI Atlas is a collection of images obtained through magnetic resonance imaging which offers clear, unique images of a cadaver beagle head. The three different atlases available give different images of the beagle cranium from the transverse, sagittal, and dorsal planes of view giving the user a much better perspective of the entire cranium as opposed to a linear view. Users are guided through the different layers of the cranium one by one to observe the different structures within the cranium provided by the magnetic resonance imaging.

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Different Perspectives within Canine Brain Images

Two perspectives of the canine brain images are offered by the MRI atlas with a duplicate of each image being brightened and then stacked over the original darker image. The atlas allows for seeing both the bright and dark image of the brain to gain two different viewpoints. When going through the different layers, users are able to see areas of increased fluid, namely the cerebrospinal fluid, inflammatory lesions, neoplasias, and cysts, which will have a much brighter appearance on the T2-weighted images. Vascular structures within the cranium can appear as either white or dark depending on a variety of factors, mainly the rate and turbulence of vascular flow.


  • Provides clear and unique images of canine cranium
  • Users can easily navigate through multiple layers of cranium
  • Offers different perspectives to user
  • Gives three planes of view allowing for deeper understanding of structures

Thomas F Fletcher, DVM, Ph.D.
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