Bee Squad Varroa Mite Testing Kit

Technology No. 20160116

Honey Bee Health

The University of Minnesota’s Bee Squad has developed a safe and effective varroa mite testing kit for beekeepers. The kit, based on the University of Nebraska's non-destructive testing method called the “powdered sugar roll,” monitors varroa mite levels in honey bee colonies and supports beekeepers in regular mite monitoring to better manage their colonies based on mite levels. The reusable kit is easy to use and includes:

  • a tub for collecting the bee sample and for displaying mites at the final mite count
  • a scoop marked to measure 300 bees (standard sample size)
  • a jar with a mesh screen for separating the bees from the mites
  • powdered sugar for the test
  • a bottle for water to dissolve the sugar
  • brochure with user instructions


  • Accurately assesses varroa mite levels in honey bee colonies
  • Safe for honey bees
  • Easy to use; reusable


  • Measuring varroa mite levels in honey bee colonies
  • Monitoring varroa mites
  • Managing honey bee colonies

Phase of Development - Product available/field tool

Marla Spivak, PhD
MacArthur Fellow, Distinguished McKnight Professor, Extension Entomologist
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Gary S. Reuter
Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association, Wisconsin Honey Producers Association, American Beekeeping Federation
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Rebecca A. Masterman, PhD
Bee Squad Associate Program Director
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Keith K. Johnson
Beekeeper, Bee Veterans Mentor, and Farmer
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Anne Turnham
Bee Squad Specialist
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